Siva temple which is always curtained at Cuddalore

Cuddalore town in Tamilnadu is known for the Hayagriva temple and Tirupathiripuliyur Shiva temple. A few kms from the cuddalore town(5 kms) is the Tirumanikuzhi Shiva Temple. The most unique feature of this Shiva temple is that the shrine of Lord Shiva(Vamanapureeswarar) is opened only during Aarthi for a few minutes. After that the screen(curtain) is put, the priest opens only when some other devotee comes for Aarthi.The legend is that Lord Shiva and Parvathi are together in this temple shrine.Here the lord is in Shiva Shakti Aiykya Swaroopa (Union of Lord Shiva and Shakti). There is no separate Palli-Arai. The 11 rudras are said to Guard the shrine. The divine mother is known as Ambujakshi ( on the lines of Kamakshi,Meenakshi etc.). The peetam here is known as Ambujakshi peetam. She occupies the prominence in this temple.

Couples who are seperated due to family problems worship Lord Shiva in this temple and offer their prayers.

Mahabali praying to Lord Shiva - Cuddalore TN

Mahabali  Lord Shiva Architecture -Cuddalore TN 

Mahabali  Lord Shiva  -Cuddalore TN 

Mahabali  Lord Shiva Linga pooja -Cuddalore TN 

Lord Shiva and Paravathi together - Cuddalore TN

Tirumanikuzhi Shiva Temple - Cuddalore TN

Ambujakshi Shakti Peetam-Unique to this temple-Cuddalore TN

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