Museum at Gangothri, Uttarakhand

Gangothri is one of the Char-Dhams. Swami Sundaranand, disciple of Tapovan Maharaj has a huge collection of materials collected all across the Himalayas. Tapovan Maharaj has travelled extensively across the Himalayas and has chronicled this in his books - "Kailash Yatra" , "Iswara Darshan" and "Wandering in the Himalayas".

Swami Sundaranand is one of the blessed Swamis who stays in Gangothri even in freezing winters. He is also world renowned author of the book "Himalaya, through the lens of a sadhu".

Tapovan Maharaj collected materials

Tapovan Maharaj collected stone

Tapovan Maharaj collected types of stone

Devi Ma in Tapovan Maharaj Ashramam

wooden pestle in Ashramam

Tapovan Maharaj Collected Stuff

Tapovan Ashram Wooden Art Gallery

Tapovan Ashram Pooja Place

Tapovan Ashram Gurus

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