Remote Shiva Temples in Chennai requiring immediate attention - 2


Athur Shiva Temple

It is 6 kms from Acharapakkam and 3 kms from Thozhupedu ( 2 hours from Chennai). Lord Shiva's name here is Vadakalai Eswaran and the Ambaal Kamakshi. It is a 1000 year old temple. Kanchi Mahaswamigal is said to visited this temple and performed many pujas. Now, the temple is not in a very good state and pujas are happening for one time only.

For more details contact Kasi Gounder 8056840876/ Balasubramian 9952546577

Athur Shiva Temple chennai region Tamil Nadu

Athur Shiva Lingam Chennai Tamil Nadu

Minnal Sithamoor Shiva Temple

This Siva linga is found among fields. The temple needs to be built. It is 5 kms from Thozhupedu (near acharapakkam). For more details, contact Sri. Chandrasekaran 9629250213
Minnal Sithamoor Shiva Lingam chennai region Tamil Nadu

Keeladivakkam Sri Agasteeshwarar Shiva Temple

We can just see the Shiva Linga there. Ambaal name is Sri Amudambika. But the shrine has been destroyed. It is 7 kms from Thozupedu. For more details,

Sri Ganesh Babu 9445116525
Sri Bala Sundaram 9444811170

Keeladivakkam Sri Agasteeshwarar Shiva Lingam Chennai Tamil Nadu 

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