Mystic Underground Varahi Temple-Kashi

Varahi is one of the main deities in the Shakta Tradition. There are very few temples exclusively dedicated to her. One such temple is located in Kashi - D 16/84, Manmandhir Ghat. 
  • This temple is open only for two hours in the morning from 5 AM to 7 AM. This tradition has been followed for ages and no one clearly knows the reason.
  • The shrine is located underground and the priest has climb down steps to get inside. No one else is allowed to enter the shrine. Even the deity can be seen only through two holes on top - From one hole we can see the face and the feet from the other.
  • The legend is that the 64 yoginis of the divine mother settled down in Kashi along with the Varahi. There is a chousat Yogini Ghat ( meaning 64 Yoginis Ghat) where a temple for all 64 yoginis is there.
  • No special pujas, festivals are conducted in this temple except the daily ritual. Devotees pray for relief from legal issues, official problems etc.

Varahi Temple, Kashi

Godesses Varahi
Godesses Varahi

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