Seven Sacred Temples of Lord Shiva in Kumbakonam

Tiruponthuruthi is located 3 Kms from Kandiyur near Tiruvaiyaru on the Thanjavur - Kumbakonam route. Thuruthi refers to an elevated place located between 2 rivers. The temple for Lord Shiva is called Pushpavaneshwarar since the entire area was a forest with various kinds of wild flowers in the past. It is said to be a more than 1000 year old temple

  •  The Nandhi slightly moved to the left on the request one of the devotees of the Lord. 
  • It is one of the 7 sacred temples of Lord Shiva - Sapta Stanam. The Sapta Stanam festival was one of the largest festivals in this region in the past.
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy holds a Veena in his hand unlike in other temples
  • Devotees offer their pujas for Pitru Dosh removal ( Sins committed by forefathers or sins against one's elders)
  • This temple is full of paintings of various Shiva Leelas
  • The Siva linga is self manifested and not sculpted by anyone.
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Seven Sacred Shiva Nandhi TN

Lord Shiva Lings TN

Seven Sacred Temples of Lord Shiva TN

Seven Sacred Shiva Temple TN

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