Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple, Trichy

Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple is located on Trichi - Thanjavur road, 18 kms from Thuvarakudi. It is 3 kms from Solakampatti  railway station. Lord Shiva is named as Tirunedunkalanathar or Nithya Sundareswarar.This temple is spread over 2 acres and is a chola period temple. The Siva Linga is a self manifested one.


1) The temple has two vimanas over the sanctum sanctorum which cannot be seen in any other temple.
2) The utsava idol doesn't have a thumb ( the reason is given in the story behind the temple)
3) Rare Dakshinamoorthy called Yoga Dakshinamurthy can be seen in this Thiru Nedunkalam temple.

Photos: Mr. Puviarasan

Timings: 7.30 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm
Telephone Number: 0431 2520126.

Thirunedunkaalam Shiva  Temple - Thiruchirapalli TN
Thirunedunkaalam Shiva 
Temple Thiruchirapalli TN

Two vimanas of Thirunedunkalam Shiva temple
 Two vimanas of Thirunedunkalam Shiva temple

Nandi in Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple
Nandi in Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple

Mandapam in Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple
Mandapam in Thirunedunkalam Shiva Temple
Entrance of Thirunedunkalam  Shiva Temple
Entrance of Thirunedunkalam
 Shiva Temple
Thirunedunkaalam Shiva Temple Board - Thiruchirapalli TN
Thirunedunkaalam Shiva Temple Board
 Thiruchirapalli TN

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