Thiruvathigai Shiva temple - Panruti

 Thiruvathigai is one of the eight temples in Tamilnadu where the lord Shiva is seen in his fierce form as the destroyer of evil. The list of these eight temple towns are: 

1) Thiruvathigai
2) Thirukadavayur
3) Parasalur
4) Kurrukai
5) Valuvur
6) Virkudi
7) Kandiyur
8) Thirukovilur


1) A great Hindu saint by name Appar or Thirunavukkarasar was cured of his stomach ailments in this temple. So, devotees with stomach ailments like ulcers visit this temple and offer their prayers.
2) The shiva linga in this temple is special with 16 stripes which is very unique
3) It is a 1500 year old temple with a huge Gopura with numerous inscriptions. It is a must visit for its archaeological heritage. 


Its said the Lord destroyed Tripuranthaka. The symbolic meaning of Tripuranthaka are the 3 ills of Ego, Illusionary pride and Jealousy.

Thiruvathigai Shiva temple - Panruti Tamil Nadu

Tiruvathigal temple sculpture - Panruti Tamil Nadu

Lord Shiva in Bhairava Form - Panruti Tamil Nadu

Mystic Circle painting inside the temple representing various trees -Panruti Tamil Nadu

Thiruvathigai Shiva temple Gopuram - Panruti Tamil nadu

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