Mantras and Chants To Stop Rains and Natural Calamities

Natural calamities can be controlled only by the ALMIGHTY. Here are some 

chants/incantations/prayers from our scriptures

1) History has proved that,when a natural calamity (incessant thunder and rain by Indra) wanted to blow the 
Brijwasis(people of Gokulam), Lord krishna pleased by their prayer and saved them. The following sloka 
relates to that incident. This sloka is from the Narayaneeyam (Govardhana Uddarana)
कृष्ण कृष्ण महाभाग त्व्न्नाथं गोकुलम प्रभो | त्रातु मर्हसी देवाण कुपिताद भक्वत्सल || కృష్ణ కృష్ణ మహా భాగ త్వన్నాథం గోకులం ప్రభో | త్రాతు మర్హసి దేవాణ కుపితాద్ భక్తవత్సల || கிருஷ்ண கிருஷ்ண மஹா பாக த்வன்நாம் கோகுலம் ப்ரபோ | த்ராதுமர்ஹசி தேவாண குபிதாத் பக்தவத்சல ||

Lord Krishna Saving Brijwasis from rains

                                       Click to Listen the Sloka to Stop Rains

Please pray the above sloka.It will definitely help in reduction of ongoing flood.
This can be prayed whenever there is a problem to living beings from natural calamities like
floods,tsunami,earthquakes, etc.

2) Below is a Tamil poem sung by Shaivaite saint Sri Sundaramoorthy Nayanmar  in Tirupungur temple to stop rains.

Song by Sundarar to stop rains

3) Rishya Shringeshwara temple (Rishya Shringa) at Kigga which is 9 kms from Sringeri in  
Karnataka. As per legends, the great sage Rishya Shringa is said to have performed penance and 
attained Samadhi here. As per the puranas, wherever the sage used to go, that place used to 
experience good rains and there would be no draught.It must be mentioned that the agumbe forest where 
Kigga is located is one of the wettest places in the south.
The Prayer in this temple can be done even to stop the heavy rains as well.
4) Sloka from Durga Saptashati to stop natural calamities
Also please check the below where Sri Sri Bharathi Tirtha MahaSwamiji made a special 
Prayer to reduce the heavy rains in Tamilnadu in December, 2015 to Sage RishyaSringa

Bharathi Tirtha Swamiji Prayer to Stop rains
Sloka from Durga Saptashathi to stop rains
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