Thenambakkam Shiva Temple,Kanchipuram & Sri Maha Periyava

Thenambakkam Brahma pureeswarar Shiva temple is located near Kanchipuram. This temple was in ruins and was restored by the great saint Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchipuram.

Tenambakkam Brahmapureshwarar Temple
Tenambakkam Brahmapureshwarar Temple

Even though a small temple, there are several specialities:

1) Behind the Shiva Linga, we could see Lord Shiva, Parvathi along with Lord Ganesh as a sculpture. Usually in south Indian temples, it would always be Lord Murugan who is seen in this place.

2) Dakshinamoorthy in this shrine is unique. We can notice a smile on his face.

Smiling Dakshinamoorthy at Thenambakkam
Smiling Dakshinamoorthy at 

3) We can see another Lord Ganesh which was sculpted for the Paramacharya in one day. It is today called as "Chandrasekara Ganapathy"

4)The temple has a Gaja Brushta Vimanam, which is an indication of Pallava style of architecture. So, this temple must be more than 1000 years old.

5) Sri Maha Periyava choose to live in exile for more than a year in this place. He never came out of his room. Even when Smt. Indira Gandhi came to visit him at this place, he didn't step out his room and just gave his blessing. Even after that year, he stayed several years in this place which radiates peace & serenity. The room is maintained in the same way it was several years ago.

Today, there is Veda Patashala running in this place and also a small temple for Maha Periyava.

The well near which he gave darshan to Smt. Indira Gandhi
The well near which he gave 
darshan to Smt. Indira Gandhi

Windows for Gopura Darshan
Windows for Gopura Darshan

Entrance to the room where 
he stayed

Simple Cot used by Periyava
Simple Cot used by Periyava

Mena (Palanquin) used by Paramacharya
Mena (Palanquin) used by Paramacharya

Mena used by Paramacharya

Inside the room

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