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108 Shiva Temples of Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is holy to both devotees of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Innumerable temples dot the landscape of this city, but unfortunately most of them are forgotten. This is a small attempt to document them and encourage devotees to the temples. It it said that every bit of land in Kanchi has a Sivalinga beneath it. True to the statement, there is a temple in every street. We have no clue on how many temples have got beneath constructions and roads. How many of them have been encroached and demolished. So let us atleast try to preserve the rest.

A few points:

  • All these temples are located in a radius of 10 kms from the Kanchipuram city. There are hundreds of other temples outside this perimeter which  could take years to identify and document. There are other temples inside Kanchipuram as well. We have tried to maintain the number at 108.
  • Most of the names are self explanatory. In TamilNadu, Lord Shiva is referred as Eswaran, so the temple names end that way. So, it is very easy to identify who has built/worshipped in that temple.
  • You can visit these temples in the order they are mentioned. The shortest path factor is considered.
  • There are several temples with the same name and one temple with several names. The temple itself could be known by a totally different name. So you have to do a bit of research from your side.
  • Google maps links are provided, if they are available. But no guarantees of accuracy.

List of 108 Shiva Temples

  1. Abirameeshwarar : Sangupani Vinayagar Temple Street
  2. Amareshwarar : West Raja street
  3. Devasenapatheeswarar : Inside Kumara Kottam Temple
  4. Siddheeswarar : Kamarajar Street,near K.P.K Thirumana Mantapam
  5. Vazhakarutheeswarar,Parasareshwarar :  Gandhi Road – This is a very famous temple visited by people with legal problems.
  6. Muktheeswarar,Garudeshwarar Mandir :  Gandhi Road
  7. Vanneeswarar : Gandhi Road, Opposite to Theradi
  8. Manikandeeswarar,Pana Maneeshwarar :  Chettty Street, Near T K Nambi Road
  9. Bramhapureeswarar (Sivastanam) :  Military Road, Tenambakkam
  10. Veda Vaneswarar : Sadavaram
  11. Punyakodeeswarar  : Punyakodeeswarar temple street
  12. Panamaneeswarar : Varadarajapuram Street
  13. Satyanadeshwarar : Thirukalimedu – It is more popularly known as Budhan Temple. It is a devara paadal petra stalam
  14. Bageeradeeshwarar : PSK Street
  15. Mathangeeshwarar : Mathangeeshwarar Koil Street, Hospital Road
  16. Dharmeshwarar : Inside Paranjothi Amman Temple ,Near Old railway station
  17. Somasundareshwarar : Pavalavannar Street
  18. Suryeshwarar : Dhamalvar street
  19. Rudra Koteeswarar : Appa Rao Street, Konerikuppam [ There are 2 temples with the same name]. It is a very ancient temple but now in poor state due to lack of maintenance. For more details contact Prasanna 9944205992.  Sri Kanaka Durga temple is nearby. The ambaal here is svayambu and is a very huge. Devotees visit this temple for Ragu-Ketu Dosha nivarthi.
  1. Mahalingam : Appa Rao Street
  2. Arunachaleshwarar : Appa Rao Street
  3. Veerataneshwarar (Sakya Nayanar Temple) : Near Vella Kulam and Apparao Street
  4. Panchamukheshwarar :  Kammalar Street
  5. Mukteeshwarar, Ethir Veerataneshwarar,Piravathaneshwarar, Iravathaneshwarar : Kammalar Street
  6. Katakeshwarar : Chinna Kammalar Street
  7. Kankaneshwarar(Bathaleeswarar) : Kullappan Street (Near Kammalar Street)
  8. Madaleeshwarar : Theradi street
  9. Mangaleshwarar : vaidya Gurukkal Street
  10. Anantha Padmanabheshwarar : Lingappan street
  11. Oneshwarar, Gandeshwarar, Jalandeshwarar : One temple with all the 3 Lingams. Near to the sub-station of the Electricity Board, Military Road. Paadal petra Stalam
  12. Sevvandeeswarar : Inside Panjupettai (Big Street) Government Seed Farm 
  13. Parutheeshwarar : Paruthi kulam (Also known as Suryan Temple)
  14. Sukleshwarar : in the campus of the Krishna Rice Mill, Near Railway crossing
  15. Kameshwarar :  Near Sarva Teertham Tank
  16. Kasi Viswanadeshwarar : Mukti Mandapam,Near Sarva Teertham Tank
  17. Hiranyeshwarar : Near Sarva Teertham Tank
  18. Teertheswarar : Near Sarva teertham Tank
  19. Gangavareshwarar :Near Sarva teertham Tank
  20. Yogalingeshwarar : Near Sarva teertham Tank
  21. Hanumanteeshwarar : Near Sarva teertham Tank
  22. Thavalagirishwarar :Near Sarva teertham Tank
  23. Chandreswarar : Vellai Kulam Tank
  24. Kailasanathar Temple : See Article
  25. Anekathangavatheswarar : Near SSKV school, Near Kailasanathar temple. It is a devara Paadal Petra Stalam
  26. Karkeeshwarar,Laksmeeshwarar : Krishnan Street, Pillayarpalayam
  27. Maha Rudreshwarar : Maadhanampalayam Street,Pillaiyar palayam
  28. Mukteeshwarar : Pillayarpalayam
  29. Vaneeshwarar(Vanmeeganathar) :  SalaiBogham Street, Pillayar Palayam
  30. Maha Anantha Rudreshwarar : Swaminathan Street,Pillayar Palayam
  31. Soleeshwarar  : Soleeshwarar temple Street (Ashta Bhairava Temple),Pillayar Palayam
  32. Takkeshwarar  :Kachiappa Street of Pillayar Palayam
  33. Anantha Rudreshwarar : CSM Street, Pillayar Palayam
  34. Tirumetreshwarar(Thirumetralinathar) – Thirumetrali Street at PillaiyarPalayam
  35. Oda urugeeshwarar – Tirumetrali street
  36. Balabadreshwarar – Tirumetrali street
  37. Uttru ketta Mukteesar –  Thirumetrali Street at PillaiyarPalayam, It is a paadal Petra Stalam
  38. Vilvanadeshwarar – Thirumetrali Street, Pillaiyarpalayam
  39. Kalahasteeshwarar(Kaalaththeeswarar) – Very close to  Uttru ketta Mukteesar temple
  40. Chidambareshwarar,Pillaiyar palayam
  41. Rudrakoteeshwarar – Thayar Kulam
  42. Kaayaarohaneswarar(Popularly Known as Guru Koil) – Guru Parihara Stalam
  43. Dharmalingeshwarar – Thayar Kulam
  44. Yamadharmeshlingeshwarar – West bank of the Thayar kulam Tank
  45. Kanikanteeswarar,Karukinil Amarnthaval Temple Street
  46. Vedapureshwarar – Karukinil Amarnthaval Temple Street
  47. Tirulokanathar – Karukinil Amarnthaval Temple Street
  48. Virubaksheeshwarar – Valatheeswarar Temple Street(Adjoining the Keerai Mandabam)
  49. Aram Valartheshwarar – Vallatheeswarar Temple Street (adjoining the Keerai mantapam)
  50. Dakshinayana Kailasanathar – Near Sevilimedu Narasimha Temple
  51. Kailasanathar – Near Sevilimedu Narasimha Temple
  52. Uttarayana kailasanathar – Near Sevilimedu Narasimha Temple
  53. East Kailasanathar – Near Sevilimedu Narasimha Temple
  54. Gautameshwarar – Keerai mandabam, Uttiramerur road  ( Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple)
  55. Brammaneshwarar – AKT Nagar
  56. Bhargaveshwarar – Naagal uttu street  (Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple)
  57. Santhaleeshwarar ( Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College)
  58. Angireeswarar  ( Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple) –  Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College
  59. Vashisteshwarar  ( Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple) Santhaleeshwarar Koil street, Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College
  60. Athreeshwarar (Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple) – Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College
  61. Kucheshwarar – Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College
  62. kashyabeshwarar – (Sapta Stanam, Sapta Rishi Temple) – Near Pachaiappa’s Women’s College
  63. Ramesham – Near Sarva Teertham Tank
  64. Lakshmanesham –  Near Sarva Teertham Tank
  65. Pana Mudeeshwarar – Vallal Pachaiappan Street
  66. Adhipadeeswarar – Aladi Pillayar Koil street
  67. Nagareeshwarar – East Raja Street, Near Bus stand
  68. Macheshwarar – Near Nagareeshwarar
  69. Trikala gyaneshwarar – Nellukara Street (Inside Bus Stand)
  70. Mukteeshwarar -East Raja Street opposite to the Machchesar Temple
  71. Bhootanadeshwarar – Sengalaneer Odai Street (North Raja Street)
  72. Kanneshwarar –   Sengalaneer Odai Street (North Raja Street)
  73. Makaleshwarar (Magaaleshwarar) – Also known as Rahu & Ketu Temple, Behind Kamakshi temple
  74. Shakti Lingam : Inside Kalikambal(Adi Kamakshi) Temple, Behind Kamakshi temple
  75. Hari Shapa Bayam teertha Eshwarar (Arisaabhabayantheertha Yeeswarar)– Nellukara street, Near Rama’s hotel
  76. Iravadeswarar – Kamalavar Street,Opp to Kanchabeshwarar Temple
  77. Kachabeshwarar Temple – Nellukara Street. This is a very popular temple.
  78. Mei kandeeshwarar – Thondai Mandala Aatheena Mutt,Nimanthakkara Street,Near
  79. Mandaleshwarar – Mandu Kaneeswara Koil Street,Pandavar perumal Koil Street
  80. Kavusikeswarar or Sokkeeswarar – Outside Kamakshi Amman temple, Near Marriage Hall
  81. Mandukanneshwarar – Mandu Kaneeswara Koil Street, Pandavar perumal Koil Street
  82. Vanneshwarar – Near Palla Street there is a tank. Nearby there is a
    Kanni Amman Temple. This Shivalinga in inside that temple.
  83. Sounageshwarar – Dhanappan Street, Near SVN Pillai Street
  84. Arambayesam – Near Ekambaranathar temple
  85. Thantondreeshwarar(Ubamanneeswarar) – Near Ekambaranathar temple
  86. Suragareshwarar (Jwara hareshwarar) – Near Ekambaranathar temple. Frequently visited by people with physical ailments.
  87. Ramanateshwarar- Salai Street, Near Ekambaranathar temple
  88. Ekambareshwarar – Ekambaranathar temple – Well Known

Location: Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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