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1000 Shiva Linga Temples of Cambodia and Karnataka

Sahasralinga is located 25 kilometres from Angkor watt at Kbal Spean. It has thousands of Shiva linga all across the Slung river. It has also got images of other deities as well. It is believed that the Sahasra Lingas bless the Angkor through the river.These images were carved during the reign of King Suryavarman and King Udayaaditya Varman II in the 11th and 12 centuries.The location is very remote across forests and it is closed by 3 PM.

1000 Shiva Linga Temples of Karnataka

Sirsi is located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka which has this 1000 Shiva lingas called the Sahasralinga across the Shalmala river. These Shiva lingas are scattered all across the river path and many in the middle of the river. It is still not clear who constructed these and when. Huge crowds turn up during Shivaratri, Pradoksha and other special days. This place is not fully developed. So you might not find big hotels or homestays.But this is a must visit place for those seeking mystic travel.
Best time to visit: The shiva lingas get immersed when there is heavy water flow in the river. Best time to visit would be during summer when the water flow is not high.

Location: Karnataka, India

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