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Acharapakkam Shiva Temple for political success, Tamilnadu

Acharapakkam is small village near Madurantakam,Chennai. The name of the village is derived from Achu-aru-pakkam meaning the place where the wheel got broke. The story behind the temple and the village is based on the destruction of the demon tripuranthaka by Lord Shiva. Before starting for the war, Lord Shiva forgot to worship lord Ganesh. So the wheels of his chariot got broken.He prayed to Lord Ganesh and then won the war. The symbolic meaning of this story is that however high a person might be, he must follow the rules of devotion.

In Tamil, Aatchi means power. Aatcheeswarar means the Lord who rules everything or the Lord who is all powerful. Prayers offered at this temple is said to offer victory & success in politics for those who are genuinely concerned with the well being of people.

There are two main shrines for Lord Shiva here which is very rarely seen in any Shiva temple. Also, behind the Shiva Linga we can also see the image of Lord Shiva.

Location: Acharapakkam, Tamil Nadu, India

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