Books – Crest Jewel of Yogis & Yoga Taravali

Crest Jewel of Yogis is a book authored by Sri R.M. Umesh who has worked closely with the Sringeri Acharya Jagadguru H.H. Sri Sri Abhinava Vidhya Teertha Mahaswamigal. Sri Umesh himself is a yogi par excellence and currently lives in Chennai.  Some of his experiences with the Sringeri Acharya on meditation and samadhi are mentioned in the book “Crest Jewel of Yogis”

Download the first few pages of the pdf book from the link below:

Crest Jewel by malivana

This book is currently out of print but a modified version of this book is available as “Yoga, Enlightenment and perfection” published by Sri Vidyateertha Foundation. This book is in a format of series of discussions between Sri Umesh and the Jagadguru wherein the great Guru describes all his experiences starting from Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Saguna Upasana, Nirguna Upasana, Savikalpa samadhi and finally establishment in Brahman. This book is a must read for anyone interested in spirituality. Some of the terms used in this book would need an extensive reference.Yoga Taravalli of Sri Adi Sankara – PDF for download

Yoga Taravali – Treatise by Sri Adi Shankara

The first sloka from Yoga Taravali features in the album “Ray of Light” by pop diva Madonna. She learnt it from Sanskrit masters in Varanasi.

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