Brahma Temples of South India

It is a common myth that Lord Brahma doesn’t have a shrine anywhere and Pushkar is the only exception. But as per Agama Shastras, which define the architecture of any temple, every Shiva temple must have a shrine for Brahma.This can be noticed in most Shiva temples in south India especially TamilNadu.
Two such Brahma temples stand out in the south

1) Bramha Temple at Tirupattur near Trichy

When we travel from Chennai to Trichy it is before Samayapuram. Here Lord Brahma is supposed to change one’s destiny. It also has Jeeva Samadhi’s of Sages Patanjali and Vyakrapatha.

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2) Bramhashirakandeeswarar and Harashapa vimochana Perumal temples

These two temples are located almost opposite to each other in Tirukandiyur which on the Thanjavur – Kumbakonam route near Tiruvaiyaru. This place is in fact a Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva kshetra.niquely Lord Brahma is seen with his consort Saraswathi here and the local children come frequently for worship. Lord Shiva is known as Brahmasirakandeeswarar.

Lord Vishnu is known as Harashapa Vimochana perumal which is one of the 108 sacred temples for Vaishnavaites. The Lord here even removes the Brahmahatya dosham (sin of killing a saint, guru or a learned one) when committed unknowingly.Devotees should visit these two temples and get blessed by Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.

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