Healing Mantra,Chant for Diabetes from Soundarya Lahari

This is the 34th verse of the 100 verses of Soundarya Lahiri. This mantra is said to be a chant for curing Diabetes. This has been referenced by Kanchi Paramacharya in Deivathin Kural (Vol 6, Page 932). 

शरीरं त्वं शम्भोः शशिमिहिरवक्षोरुहयुगं

तवात्मानं  मन्ये भगवति नवात्मानमनघम्।


स्थितस्संबन्धो वां समरसपरानन्दपरयोः॥

śarīraṁ tvaṁ śambhoḥ śaśimihiravakṣoruhayugaṁ

tavātmānaṁ  manye bhagavati navātmānamanagham |


sthitassaṁbandho vāṁ samarasaparānandaparayoḥ ||

“O! Goddess! Your appear as the body of Siva, with your twin bosoms of sun and moon.   You are the pure Shiva with nine primary characteristics. They are common to both of  you and both of You are in a state of transcendental blissful interdependency.”.

The nine refers here to the nine triangles of the Sri Chakra or the nine metaphysical attributes of Shiva (Kaala-Time,Kula,Nama,Jnana,Siddha,Nadha,Bindu,Kala,Jeeva). A very detailed explanation of the mystical meaning of this mantra is available in Deivathin Kural for 20-30 pages. 

Paramacharya also mentions that even though some mantras like this do not have a direct reference as a prayer to cure diseases, the power of the sound and vibrations of this mantra are capable of accruing the benefits.

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