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Kodaganallur Vishnu Temple, Tirunelveli

Kodaganallur is a village located 15 Kms from Tirunelveli on Sherman Ma Devi route. There are 3 major temples in this ancient village. There are several inscription in these temples and Tamil literature to attest the historicity of this village. One of the oldest branches of the Sringeri Mutt was setup in Kodaganallur and it needs attention. Sri Kodaganallur Sundara Swamigal was born in this village in the family of the great Apayya Dikshita and was a well-known advaitic Guru.

1) Sri Kailasanathar Shiva Temple which is one of the 9 Nava Kailasam temples and a parihara temple for Mangal.

2) Sri Abimukteswarar Shiva temple – This is temple patronized by Kodaganallur Swamigal.
3) There is also a perumal temple in Kodaganallur by the name Brihan Madava Perumal Temple or Periyapiran. The village derives its name from the great snake – Karkotaga , mentioned in Hindu puranas.


1) Important pujas performed in this temple are the Parihara for Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha ( as it is done in Kalahasti) for difficulties in marriage and childbirth.
2) There is also an unique puja done to Garudan for getting rid of the ill effects of poisonous bites. Lord Garudan here can be seen with Amrita Kalsasa which can be seen in very few temples.

Kodaganallur Sundara Swamigal:

Swamigal was born in Gangaikondan to Shri.Yagneswara Sastrigal and Smt. Kamatchi ammal in the Appaiah Dheekshidhar’s Gotra 3rd Dec 1831.He performed the nithya Siva pooja and 1 lakh sivaPanchatchara Mantra Japams daily. He travelled to Kasi, Himalayas far and wide and met several saints.He conducted the first Kumbabishekam at Arimalam in the year 1870. He performed Kumabhishekam to several temples across this region. He brought a Siva Bana linga from Kashi and installed it in Pathamadai Kesavasamduram Shiva Temple.

Sundara Swamigal Mahasamadhi is located in  Pudukottai, Arimazham Village. He attained Maha Samadhi on 21-Oct-1878

It must be noted that another Guru who rose from the same family from Palamadai was the great Sivananda Swamigal of Rishikesh.

Location: Kodaganallur, Tamil Nadu 627010, India

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