Kodi kulam (Jyothishkudi) Veda Narayana Vishnu Temple

It is 3 Kms from the Othakadai Narasimha Temple. During the invasion of Srirangam, one of the priests of the srirangam temple in order to protect the vigrahas brought them to this place. Thousands of people were killed in this invasion and Pilla Lokacharya in his ripe old age managed to escape with the vigrahas and came here which was a thick forest at that time. One day, he heard the sound of warriors coming. Thinking that they had identified the place and were planning to take away the vigrahas, he ran along with the vigrahas to the top of the Yana Malai hill. He fell down accidentally and passed away. Even when he fell down, he clinged the vigrahas of the Lord to his body closely so that they are not damaged for any reason. Such was his devotion to the lord!! A separate shrine has been constructed for this saint nearby. But this temple badly needs maintenance and support.

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