Mantras for common problems – Infallible Vedic Remedies

” Infallible Vedic Remedies” is a book composed by one of the great seers Swami Shantananda Puri.The saint has written about his experiences in his books “Musings of a Himalayan Monk” and “Fragrant Flowers” which are also available for download. 

Swamiji asks us to get it initiated from a qualified Guru before chanting or treat Sri Ramakrishna or Sri Ramana Maharishi as one’s Guru and start chanting with all sincerity and faith. He also provides a good introduction and numerous examples from his life on how these mantras worked. He also talks about a very unique mantra called Shasthi Devi Mantra.He covers mantras for various problems and provides the text in English and Sanskrit/Hindi. Like a true seer, he also provides Tamil chants, Sikh chants, Christian prayers without any discrimination.Some essentials for getting the benefit out of these mantras would involve practising Vegetarianism, Refraining from smoking, drinking and other addictive substances/habits, respect towards elders and finally above all – Love for the entire humanity without any discrimination.

  • Mantra for ensuring supply of food (Annapoorna Mantra)
  • Mantra for all physical and mental diseases (Dhanvantri Mantra)
  • Mantra for improving intelligence, self confidence,fearlessness etc.
  • Mantra for all heart diseases including hypertension (B.P)
  • Mantra for all eye diseases involving cataract,glaucoma, retina etc.
  • Mantra for cure from all types of fevers and animal bites including snake bites and insect bites.
  • Healing prayer to deal with diseases
  • Mantra from Holy Japuji Saheb for healing diseases and invoking the grace of God
  • Mantra for better memory power
  • Mantra  for best performance in interviews, debates etc.
  • Mantra for success in competitive examinations and public examinations.
  • Mantra to avert unexpected accidents and dangers to life
  • Mantra to combat all sorts of fears – vague or specific, including severe mental depression etc.
  • Mantra to protect from all troubles, anxieties,tensions and worries
  • Mantra to prevent nightmares and bad dreams
  • Mantra for happy marriage 
  • Mantra for people who have remained childless for years – to beget a child
  • Mantra to remove barrenness in women especially in cases with repeated abortions
  • Mantra for easy and normal delivery and to prevent abortions and barrenness
  • Mantra to avoid estrangements between husband and wife arising out of incompatibility
  • Mantra to increase one’s wealth and prosperity through truthful means
  • Mantra for release from heavy indebtedness
  • Mantra to recover property / money lost through burglary, dacoity etc. (Kartaveeryarjuna Mantra)
  • Mantra for universal mantra for overall well being and prosperity and to prevent dangers and calamities including diseases
  • Mantra  for relief from bites from serpents, centipedes and other poisonous reptiles
  • Tamil hymns for recovery from various kinds of ailments and problems confronted in life
  • Mantra to prevent imprisonment in a jail or from kidnapping
  • A universal remedy (panacea) for all ills,problems, diseases, etc. 
  • Mantra for removal of all Impediments and Delay in any venture 
  • Mantra for controlling rebellious persons like sons,daughters etc.
  • Mantra for children who are dumb or unable to speak 

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Infalliable Vedic Remedies PDF E-Book

Of all the mantras above, one incident needs to be mentioned. There are 3 versions of the Siva Sahasranama Mantra and 2 of them are very popular. The third was brought to public by the efforts of Sri Shantananda Puri Maharaj. 

Swamiji was entrusted with the effort of identifying and publishing the third unknown version of Siva Sahasranama by the great Guru the Paramcharya of Kanchi – Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal. Swamigal tried searching across several libraries in India and finally when he was about to give up, he accidentally met a scholar who had done his doctorate exactly on the book he was searching.After that with lots of such miraculous incidents and efforts, the Siva Sahasranama from Linga Purana was published.

Mp3 chanting of this mantra, pdf in Tamil/Sanskrit/Hindi, Swamiji talk on how he discovered this mantra is all available at

What is very important to note here is the message of the Kanchi Shankaracharya – “Chanting of this mantra will bring unity among fighting couples, parents and their children, between religions, communities etc. When this mantra is chanted on a large scale or a mass scale, this mantra has got the capacity to bring unity even between countries”

In this age where discord between people is at an all time high in the name of religion,race,caste,gender,national,color etc. let this mantra bring in the much needed unity and peace.

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