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MelaKaveri – Temple for Goddess Kaveri, Kumbakonam

Worship to river Kaveri at Melakaveri town (next to Kumbakonam on left bank of the river)
India has a great and ancient tradition of worshipping nature and its various manifestations in form of five forms of nature, land, water, sky, air and fire. This extends to holy rivers as well. In this regard, our group / Kuzhu was involved with renovation and consecration of Sri Kasiviswanathaswami temple at Melakaveri. This temple is situated right on the banks of river Kaveri. There a seperate shrine for Sri Kaveri ambal has been set-up and daily Puja to the river is planned.

Melakaveri is located in Kumbakonam, TamilNadu. The only shrine for Goddess Kaveri is located here. Treating rivers as Gods and Goddesses has been a very ancient way to promote environment conservation and prevent pollution of the waters. Here, Aarti is performed to Cauvery the same way Aarthi is performed to Ganga Mata at Haridwar and Rishikesh in the evenings.

Dakshina Ganga – Kaveri, all along her course showered the people with prosperity & bounty, not just in the material sense but also in the spiritual sense. It is visible in full glory where she spreads her benevolent arms far and wide – in the Keveri delta.

In the current context, such actions of nature worship, They will provide for regular flow in the holy river, raise the awareness in the minds of public about need to fight pollution in the river and most importantly reinforce the sanctity and divinity of Kaveri. There is a Kaveri Mandapam at the river front & a shrine for the devi.

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