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Mystic Agastya Temple inside Kerala forest

Agastya koodam or Agastya mala is a peak located inside the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. This is a popular trekking location. But not many know about the temple of sage Agastya located on top of the peak.

The peak itself derives its name from the sage Agastya who is said to have lived in the western Ghats and is said to be one of the sages who developed the Tamil language. This peak is open to trekking only for 3 months a year. Its a 28 Kms route from Bonakaud near Thiruvananathapuram. Permission has to be got from the Kerala wildlife department to travel here and the terrain is also not friendly. A Guide has to compulsorily accompany the trekking group.

There is a idol of sage Agastya located on top of the peak. Who or when it was installed is never known. People can do puja themselves here. Located amidst the lush forests of western Ghats near the Neyyar tiger sanctuary, this place is a must visit for the healthy kind.

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