Narsobachi Wadi – Dattatreya Temple in Maharashtra

A temple dedicated to Swami Datta Dev or Lord Dattatreya is situated at Narsimha wadi, Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. This place is about 40 km from Sangli.

Temple Legend – Legends say that Sripad Swami once told a Brahmin lady who was about to commit suicide, that instead of ending her life, she should devote her entire life to Lord Shiva. She did this and she was re-born near Akola. The family named her Amba. She married Madhava Sharma and had a son who did not cry at birth. Instead the baby said “Om”. Everyone believed that this was the incarnation of the Lord Shiva and called him Narahari (one who gets rid of misery). After he grew up he decided to lead a life of Brahmacharaya (abstinence) and renounced all the worldly pleasures.

His mother was reminded of her previous birth and she recognized him as Sripad who had stopped suicide. She asked him to be with her till she had more kids. After his mother gave birth, he put on his sandals and went on to renounce the world. He journeyed Badrinath and Kashi. He accepted  Swami Krishna Saraswati as his guru and took the vow of Sanyas. He came to be known as Narsinha Saraswati Swamy.

Narsobawadi is a pilgrimage place for Sree Dattatraya followers as his incarnation Shree Narsingh Saraswati Swamy is said to have lived here. It is said that Shri saraswati swamy stayed in this area with full of Oudumber trees for 12 years. There is no idol of the actual God, his wooden slippers or Padukas still grace this temple.

Specialties – The temple is located in a very beautiful location. In its vicinity lies the Pancha Ganga Sagar, which is the congruence of the five holy rivers, Siva, Bhadra, Kumbhi, Bhagwati and Saraswati. These rivers merge into the Krishna river.

Prayers and Festivals – Everyday, Pujas are held where the lord is offered leaves and fruits. Every evening a palanquin is taken our for yatra (journey) and hymns are sung. This ritual does not take place during Chaturmaas (4 months of rain).

Datta Jayanti, Narsimha Jayanti, Gokul Ashtami are the main festivals here.

Usually devotees would step into the river flowing next to the temple and chant – “digambara, digambara, Shripad vallabh digambara”

Phone Numbers 02322-270006 / 270064

How to Reach:
By Road – You can reach this place by driving from main cities in Maharashtra. It is about 40 kilometers from sangli and 50 kilometers from Kolhapur. There are also ST buses from Sangli, Miraj and Kolhapur that can take you to this temple.
By Train – The nearest railway station is Jayasingpur railway station which is situated on the Miraj-Kolhapur route.

More information and pictures an be found on the Kolhapur Tourism link –  Narsobawadi Datta Temple

Location: Kurundwad Bypass Rd, Kurundwad, Maharashtra 416106, India

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