Tamil Nadu

Navagraha Temple of Devipatnam & Tirupullani, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu

Devipatnam is located near Rameswaram at the southern tip of India. Traditionally, it is visited along with a visit to Rameswaram. It is said that Lord Rama installed the Nava Grahas (Planets) at this place and worshipped them.A visit to this place is a wonderful experience. Situated inside the sea (yes inside) are 9 installed stones representing the planets. Once has to first take bath in the sea and then do pooja.

The stones seen in the image represent the navagrahas and once has to get into water to touch and do pooja. Offering prayers here are said to remove the ill effects of all planets and confer peace prosperity to the devotee.

Tirupullani is a famous temple ( one of the 108 Divya Desams) near Ramanathapuram. Santhanagopala Krishna Puja is conducted here for childless couples.

Location: Devipattinam, Tamil Nadu, India

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