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Pinnavasal Swamigal

Pinnavasal Swamigal or Sri Ramakrishnananda or Yogeshwara Swami was based in Pinnavasal near Trichy. He considered Sadasiva Brahmendra as his Manasika Guru. His Adhistanam or Maha Samadhi is on the banks of the Phalguni river in Pinnavasal, near Trichy. Pinnavasal is also known as Kattur and next to Poovalur. Here are a couple of pictures of Kailasanathar temple at Pinnavasal. The Adishtanam of Swamigal is located just a few metres from this temple. Regular poojas are conducted there and is a must visit place for mental solace.

Location: Kattur, Tamil Nadu 621706, India

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