Tirusulam Shiva Temple, Trisoolam, Chennai

Tirusulam Shiva Temple, Trisoolam, Chennai

Most people in Chennai would be familiar with the Trisulam suburban railway station. But what not many know is that the name of the place is derived from the Trishul of Lord Shiva. There is a temple to Lord Shiva located just beneath the small hilllock which is visible from the railway station. 

Main Deity – The main deity here is lord Shiva, who is also known as Trisula nathar. Besides lord Shiva there are other shrines for Shri Brahma, Sri Srinivaas perumal, Sri Ganesh, Ayyapan and Lord Murugan. The Goddess is called as Tripurasundari

Temple Architecture – This temple is said to have been built by Kulothunga Chozha I, in the 12th century A.D. In the main sanctum the lord faces east and is in his linga form. The idol of the Goddess is placed right in front of the main deity.

The temple is located amidst 4 hills. Locals belive the four hills to be equal to the four vedas. The inner prakara has lord Ganpati facing south.

Temple Legend and Specialties – Trisulam means the trident, the weapon of lord Shiva. It is said that lord Brahma (creator of the world) worshiped lord Shiva here in this temple. Lord Brahma had five heads and was too proud of himself. To bring down his ego lord Shiva cut of one of his heads. Another legend says, Brahma had created a celestial dancer called Tilottama. She was extremely beautiful and even Brahma the creator lusted after her. She denied his advances by calling him father, as he had created her. After this incident, the Shiva ganas (followers of lord Shiva) chased Brahma to punish him for his lusful sins. Brahma then hid amidst the hills and prayed for forgiveness.

Festivals and Prayers – The main festivals celebrated in this temple are Pradhosham and Maha Shivarathri days 

Website – http://www.tirusulanathartemple.tnhrce.in/

Location – This temple is located in Trisoolam on the Guindy-Tambaram route in Chennai. This temple is very near to the airport.

Location: Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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