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Trikodithanam Maha Vishnu temple – Kerala

This temple is said to be built by Sahadev , the last brother of the Pandavas. It is located inside the town of Changanasherry. It is one of 108 sacred Vishnu temples and has been mentioned by saint Nammalvar. There are numerous inscriptions and wall paintings in this temple which explain its ancient past and it was a centre of learning in those days. This temple is a classic example of the Kerala heritage and architecture. The poojas customs are being followed meticulously as per tradition. 

The boundary wall of the temple is very huge and it a special type of construction. . The main idol of Vishnu called Arputha Narayanan is facing the east standing with four hands and holding conch, wheel, lotus flower and mace. The other deities are Radha Narayanan,Ganesha,Shiva, Dakshinamurthy Narasimha and Sastha. Childless couple  who are offer prayers at this temple are believed to be blessed with children.

Near the temple is the sacred  temple tank which gets its waters from five different springs. Each spring has a different colour of water and they all join together and make this tank, which is called Pancha theerth. 

There is an unusual statue in the temple. The statue is of a person lying  in a balanced form on a pillar and he holds a conch  on his right hand. No body is clear as to who he is and what is the significance of this mystical statue. 

     There is a ten day festival  in this temple. On the ninth day a huge lamp constructed by banana stem and leaf. The lamp when lighted burns the entire night. It is impossible in an article to explain the greatness of this temple which has to be personally visited.
Timings:  5 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 11 PM.

Location: Thrikodithanam Temple, Ayarkattuvayal, Changanassery, Kerala 686105, India

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