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Vishnu Temple where Brinjal Curry is prasad – Irinjalakkuda , Kerala

Irinjalakkuda is a town which is about 25 Km from Trichur. This is the only temple which is dedicated to Bharatha, the younger brother of Lord Sri Rama, in the world. The God is also called Sangameshwara. and the place is also called Koodal Manikkam. The idol of Bharatha is five feet tall with four hands holding bow, conch, discuss and the boon of fearlessness,in the form of Lord Vishnu.

Few centuries ago some fishermen fished out four statutes of Gods from the sea. Then it was decided based on a divine voice, that one of those statues would be consecrated in this place .The statue chosen was that of Bharatha. The Rama Statue was consecrated in Tiruparayar, the Lakshmana statue in Muzhikkulam and the Shatrugna statue in Payammal.


  • Another peculiarity of this temple is the offering of 101 Brinjals to the Lord for stomach related health problems. There was a devotee of the temple who suffered due to severe stomach ache. The Lord came in his dream and ordered him to offer 101 Brinjals to the Lord. His ache disappeared. Ever since this incident people offer 101 Brinjals to get cured of diseases. The famous carnatic musician Chembai Vaithyanatha Bagavathar has also performed this prarthana.
  •  Another peculiar practice in this temple is that bells are not rung, camphor not lighted and incense not offered during worship. People believe that Lord Bharatha is doing meditation here and doing all these things would disturb him.
  • Offering Lotus to this Lord is considered as very auspicious for solving one’s genuine problems.  
  • There are no other shrines in this temple except that of Lord Bharatha(Vishnu). Normally, temples have numerous other small shrines. Not even Tulsi tree can be found inside the temple.
  • In the Sravana star during October-November new rice festival is celebrated in this temple. People bring new rice, vegetables, Banana etc to the temple from all villages around the temple. Next day they are offered to God and grand feast for every one is arranged with the new produce brought by them. Next day a herbal medicine called Mukkudi is offered to the Lord and distributed to the devotees. This medicine is considered as a prasad for all health ailments.

Nalambalam Yatra
Nalambalam Yatra  is a pilgrimage conducted during the last Malayalam month of Karkitakam of the  Calendar. The pilgrims visit four temples in Kerala 

  • Sri Rama Temple at Triprayar (22 Km North west of Irinjalakuda)
  • Koodalmanikyam Bharatha Temple at Irinjalakuda
  • Lakshmana temple at Moozhikkulam (30 km south-west of Irinjalakuda)
  • Satrugna Temple at Payammal (5 km south of Irinjalakuda)

Location: Temple, Aripalam, Irinjalakuda, Kerala 680121, India

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