Vulcan Temple, Italy

Sri Sivan Sir talks about so many things/people from across the world. Let us see some of them

  • Bogomiles – Saints in Bulgaria ( Like Sanyasis of India)
  • Lord Shiva in various countries:
    • Priapus – Egyptians,Greeks,Romans
    • Baal-Peor – Canaanites
  • The story of the Ethiopian King Shabak (sabaco)

King Shabak had taken up non-violence completely and had disbanded his army. At this time, Assryrian King Senna Cherib declared war on his kingdom. Without army, there was nothing which could be done to protect the country. The priests and others came together a formed a group to fight who had no formal training in warfare.

The priests also prayed to the Lord to show them a way. Before war, rats came in huge numbers and destroyed the bows and weaponry of Seena Cherib and the country was saved. Then the king realized that taking up non-violence was not suitable for the position of a king. He renounced his kingdom and took up a hunger fast undo death.

There is now to be seen in the temple of Vulcan, a marble statue of the king having a mouse in his hand and with this inscription “Whoever thou art, learn, from my fortune, to reverence the Gods”

700 BC – Herodutus

  • Etruscans – Saints of Italy
  • Juno was the presiding deity of Argolis – He compares her with Meenakshi the presiding deity of Madurai
  • Serapis

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