300+ Hanuman temples for protecting the country installed by a sage

One of the greatest saints of the Madhva Dwaita tradition has been “Sri Vyasa raya Teertha”. His guru was Brahmanya Tirtha.

He travelled across the length and breadth of India. spreading the message of Vishnu Bhakti.It was a time, when the country was undergoing numerous invasions by foreigners and there were wars every where. Temples were destroyed and devotion to God was on the decline. Swami Vyasaraya, in order to divinely protect the country, built 732 temples for Lord Veera Hanuman all across south India. He was also one of the Gurus of the great Vijayanagara empire.

Even today, people who are genuinely concerned about the state of our motherland, India, must visit these temples and offer their prayers for the well being of the country.

Such Hanuman idols can be distinguished from the rest by the following, although not every murthi will have these identifications.In all these temples, the form of Hanuman is that of Veera Hanuman who is the personification of courage and valor. Normally in other temples, the form of Hanuman is that of Bhakta Hanuman who is ever in devotion to Lord Rama. But in this case, Sri Vyasaraya intentionally chose a much more fierce aspect of the Lord to project the country.

 – Presence of Hair Tuft

 – Left hand raised up to or above head showing Abhaya Hasta(fearlessness) towards devotees

 – Holding Sougandhika Flower in right hand ( Probably this species of flower has been lost over the ages!)

 – The tail being raised above the head and made a semi-circle, and the end of the tail being curled. This indicates his anger at evil ( When a monkey gets angry, it raises its tail over its head!)

– Bell tied at the end of the tail, indicating the power of Atharvana veda mantras 

– Conch, Chakra, sun and the moon engraved on the idol

 – A demon carved beneath the legs 

We have listed close to 200 of the 732 temples. It is possible that some of the could have been lost over a period of time. 

Andhra Pradesh

  1. Anjaneya Temple,Chowlur, Hindupur Taluk,Ananthapur  
  2. Sri Anjaneya at  Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Penugonda ,Ananthapur   
  3. Sri Anjaneya at   Old Sri Vyasaraja Mutt, Penugonda ,Ananthapur    
  4. Sri Anjaneya at   Uttaradi Mutt, Penugonda,Ananthapur
  5. Sanjeeva Raya temple,  Penugonda,Ananthapur
  6. Uravaralu Sri Anjaneya temple,   Yerramanchi Gate, Penugonda  Ananthapur
  7. Veera Anjaneya temple,   Gandi    Near Veerannagattupalle Village, Kadapa   
  8. Mangaraaya Anjaneya Swamy temple,  Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Adoni    Kurnool    
  9. Mangalapura Sri Pranadevaru    Saraf Bazar, Adoni    Kurnool  
  10.  Anjaneya temple,Sri Vijayadasara katte, Chippagiri    Kurnool    
  11.  Anjaneya temple,  Chintaravelu (Pedda), Near Gadwal    Mahabubnagar    
  12.  Anjaneya temple     Sri Ananthacharya Chatra, Near James Street Rly Stn, Ranigunj,   Hyderabad   
  13.   PraNadevaru-Bichali-Around 20kms from Mantralayam-Kurnool Dist
  14.  Pranadevaru-Inside Sri Sugunendra Theerthara brindhavana-Chitoor
  15. Pranadevaru- Beachpalli, on the shore of Krishna river in Mahaboob Nagar district. (45 kms from Kurnool)
  16. Pranadevaru-Kasapuram– Guntakal (Mandal), Anantapur(District) 
  17. Pranadevaru-About 4 K.M. from Hindupur, Anantapur(dt). 
  18. Pranadevaru-Near to Hiindupur, in Santebidanur
  19. Pranadevaru-Ananthagiri, Kishan Bagh, Near Attapur ring road, Hyderabad.
  20. Pranadevaru-Beechpalli near Kothakota, Mahaboobnagar
  21. Pranadevaru-Kasapuram Anjaneya temple, outskirts of Guntakal Junction, Anantapur Dist
  22. Dasa Anjaneya temple,near Attapur,Hyderabad – This dakshin mukhi Hanuman has Shankha,Chakra on either side of him representing Vishnu avtara
  23. Sri Pranadevaru- Nemakal & Muradi – Anantapur
  24. Hanuman temple at Maachavaram in Vijayawada, Krishna District,


  1. Jeeva Anjaneya Swamy    Ballary    Fort Main Road, Ballary    Ballary    
  2. Yantrodharaka Pranadevaru    Hampi    Chakrateertha, Hampi    Ballary    
  3. Anjaneya Swamy    Hampi    Near Stone Chariot, V V Temple, Hampi    Ballary    
  4. Kote Sri Anjaneya    Hoovina Hadagali    Hoovina Hadagali    Ballary    
  5. Gaali Anjaneya    Byatarayanapura, Mysore Road, Bangalore    
  6. Kote Anjaneya    Fort Area, Near K R Market, Bangalore    
  7. Kannaspatre Pranadevaru    Bangalore    Opp. Minto Hospital, A V Road, Bangalore    
  8. Sri Varada anjaneya Swamy    RBI Layout, J P Nagar, 7th Phase, Bangalore    
  9. Sri Sanjeevini Anjaneya Swamy    Ramohalli, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore    
  10. Sri Aralumallige Gate Anjaneya    Car Street, Doddaballapur    Bangalore    
  11. Dakshinamukhi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Bhattlahalli. Chintamani Taluk    Chikkaballapur    
  12. Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Gowdagere    Chikkaballapur    
  13. Anjaneya Swamy Temple,   Poshettyhalli, Near Manchenahalli    Chikkaballapur    
  14. Anjaneya Swamy Temple, S Gollahalli,    Chikkaballapur    
  15. Anjaneya Swamy Temple,Near Akka Thangiyara Honda, Fort (On Top of Hill)    Chitradurga   
  16. Anjaneya Swamy  Temple,  Vidyanagar, Past Railway Station on Highway to Davanagere    Chitradurga 
  17. Bettada Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Melukote (Chitradurga Fort), Next to Sri Gopalaswamy Temple,Chitradurga    
  18. Anjaneya Swamy    Maradihalli, Hiriyur Taluk    Chitradurga    
  19. Anjaneya Swamy   Shivaji Circle, Opp. Durgamba Temple    Davanagere    
  20. Pethe Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Harihar    Davanagere    
  21. Rayara Praanadevaru    Dharwad    Kolikere Oni, Hosa Yellapur    Dharwad    
  22. Maruti Swamy    Hubli    Nagashettykoppa, Near Ramesh Bhavan    Dharwad    
  23. Anjaneya swamy    Kurabagatti    After Narendra, Dharwad Taluk    Dharwad    
  24. Anjaneya swamy    Navalagund, Dharwad Taluk    Dharwad    
  25. Hanumantha temple,   Nuggikere, Near Dharwad (After SDM Engg College)    Dharwad    
  26. Sri Moda Maruti  temple,  Kakolu (6 Km from Rajanukunte on Doddaballapur Road)    Doddaballapur    
  27. Jeevada Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Korlahalli    Uttaradi Mutt, Korlahalli, Mundargi Taluk    Gadag    
  28. Sri Anjaneya Swamy   Thimmanna Temple, Gurumutkal, Yadgir Taluk    Gulbarga    
  29. Sri Mukhya Pranadevaru    Sri Chennakeshava Temple, Belur    Hassan    
  30. Sri Srinivasa Anjaneya Swamy     Keralapura, Holenarasipur Taluk    Hassan    
  31. Sri Anjaneya Swamy      Mosale Hosahalli, Hassan    
  32. Sri Vyasa Anjaneya Swamy    Ramanathapura, Arkalgud Taluk    Hassan    
  33. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Just Off P B Road (Before Junction for Sirsi) Opp Petrol Bunk    Haveri    
  34. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt (On wall) inside town    Haveri    
  35. Bayalu Sri Maruthi    Ranibennur    Close to overflow (Kodi) end of Tank (on highway)    
  36. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Ranibennur    Bhavana Mutt (Just off M G Road)    Haveri    
  37. Ooru Baagilu Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Inside Town    Hiriyur    
  38. Sri Maruti    Bhandiwada    Near Hubli (suburban)    Hubli    
  39. Suddakunte Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Malur    Kolar    
  40. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Sripadaraja Mutt, Narasimhateertha, Mulabagil    Kolar    
  41. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Madhavateertha Mutt, Tambihalli    Kolar    
  42. Bidda Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Bhoruka, Koppal    
  43. Sri Maruti Swamy    Chikkavankalakunte    Yelaburga Taluk    Koppal    
  44. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hemagudda, Gangavati-Budugumpa Road    Koppal    
  45. Kote Sri Anjaneya    Tavergeri, Kushtagi Taluk    Koppal    
  46. Sri Anjaneya Swamy (Galageshwara)    Tavergeri, Kushtagi Taluk    Koppal    
  47. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Karighatta    Srirangapatna Taluk    Mandya    
  48. Holekere Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Maddur    Mandya    
  49. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Srivari Dodda Kalyani, Melukote    Mandya    
  50. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Dodda Ghosai Ghat, Srirangapatna    Mandya    
  51. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Rangantha Temple, Srirangapatna    Mandya    
  52. Sri Janmaanjaneya Swamy    Bannur, T Narasipur Taluk    Mysore    
  53. Sri Nadi Dada Anjaneya Swamy    Hanasoge, K R Nagar Taluk    Mysore    
  54. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Anjaneya Block, K R Nagar    Mysore    
  55. Sri Kote Anjaneya Swamy     Palace Gate, Mysore    Mysore    
  56. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Nanjangud    Mysore    
  57. Sri Veeraanjaneya Swamy    Saligrama, K R Nagar Taluk    Mysore    
  58. Sri Veeraanjaneya Swamy    T Narasipur    Mysore    
  59. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Gabburu, Devadurga Taluk    Raichur    
  60. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hirekottekal, Manvi Taluk    Raichur    
  61. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kadluru, Raichur Taluk    Raichur    
  62. Sri Anjaneya Swamy (Kuppibhimarya)    Kasaba Lingasugur    Raichur    
  63. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mudagal    Raichur    
  64. Sri Vyasa prathistitha Mukhya prana    Gajagara Pethe, Raichur    
  65. Kadu Sri Maruti    Sindhanuru    Raichur    
  66. Anjaneya Swamy    Abbur    Kundapur Vyasaraja Mutt, Abbur, Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar  
  67. Anjaneya Swamy    (Padampur) Off Bidadi, Ramanagar Road    Ramnagar    
  68. Anjaneya Swamy    Brahmanyapura, Near Channapatna    Ramnagar    
  69. Anjaneya Swamy    Sri Vyasraja Mutt, Channapatna    Ramnagar    
  70. Anjaneya Swamy    Fort Area, Channapatna    Ramnagar    
  71. Anjaneya Swamy Channapatna Next to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Fort, Channapatna 
  72. Sanjeeva raya Swamy    Devarahosahalli, (Near Abbur) Channapatna Ramnagar
  73. KarnatakaSri Anjaneya Swamy, Dodda Gangawadi, Channapatna-Kunigal Road    Ramnagar    
  74. Kote Anjaneya Swamy    Harohalli    Harohalli, Kanakapura Taluk    Ramnagar    
  75. Holekatte Mukhya prana devaru    Kanakapura    Ramnagar    
  76. Kengal Anjaneya Swamy    Kengal    Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar    
  77. Anjaneya Swamy    Makali     Channapatna-Kunigal Road    Ramnagar    
  78. Anjaneya Swamy    Malurpatna, Channapatna Taluk    Ramnagar    
  79. Anjaneya Swamy    Agrahara, Ramanagar    Ramnagar    
  80. Kerekodi Anjaneya Swamy    Sagar    Near Tank Bund, Sagar    Shimoga    
  81. Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    Timmappana Koppalu, Shimoga    Shimoga    
  82. Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    (1) Shivappa Nayak Palace Museum, Shimoga    Shimoga    
  83.  Anjaneya Swamy    Shimoga    (2) Shivappa Nayak Palace Museum, Shimoga    Shimoga    
  84. Gavi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Sira    Opp. Court Building, Older idol behind a new one installed    Sira    
  85. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Next to Town Police Station    Sira    
  86. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Chikkanahalli,Tumkur-Sira Highway (11 Kms from Tumkur) – Tumkur 
  87. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Garani    Garani, Madhugiri Taluk    Tumkur    
  88. Kodi Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hanumanthanagara    Hanumanthanagara, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  89. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hebbur    Hebbur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  90. Pethe Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hebbur    Hebbur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  91. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Hosuru    Hanumantarayanakatte, Hosuru, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  92. Veera Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kalammagiri    Kalammagiri, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  93. Kere Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kalyanapura    Kalyanapura, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  94. Kotebaagilu Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kunigal    Kunigal    Tumkur    
  95. Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kunigal    Kunigal    Tumkur    
  96. Sri Sholada Anjaneya Swamy    Near Gulur    Near Gulur, Tumkur Taluk    Tumkur    
  97. Kote Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Pavagada    Pavagada    Tumkur    
  98. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt (Kyathsandra)    Tumkur    
  99. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Mandipet, Behind Row of Textile Shops (Vasavamba Hall)    Tumkur  
  100. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Sri Vyasraja Mutt, Chikpet, Tumkur    Tumkur    
  101. Sri Bayalaanjaneya Swamy    Tumkur    Anjaneya Layout, Near Tumkur Tank (Kere) (Hanumantpura)    Tumkur    
  102. Sri pranadevaru    raichur    in gajgarpet opp to uttaradi matha    raichur    
  103. Sri Vari Maruthi    Achanoor    Alamatti dam road    Bagalkot    
  104. Sri PraNadevaru    Tulsigeri    6 Kms from Gaddankeri cross(bagalkot cross) on NH-218    Bagalkot    
  105. Sri PraNadevaru-Khadi gramudyog-Bengeri-Hubli
  106. Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy    Bangalore    Katriguppa, BSK 3rd Stage, 6th Block, Bangalore    Bangalore    
  107. Sri Anjaneya Swamy ,Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi    Ballary    
  108. Sri Anjaneya Swamy Irakasandra,near devarayanadurga ,Tumkur     
  109. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Inside Sri Trivikrima Sannidhana,Sode Sri Vadiraja Mutt, Sirsi Taluk,
  110. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Outside Sri Trivikrima Sannidhana,Sode Sri Vadiraja Mutt, Sirsi Taluk,
  111. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Sri Lakshmi Narayana devasthana(installed by Sri Vyasaraja),Sode, Sirsi Taluk,
  112. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, NUGGIKERI,Dharwad, 
  114. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Banasawadi, Bangalore
  115. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Belagur, Kadut Taluk, Chickamagalur 
  116. Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Mahalaksmi layout, Mahalakshmipura, 
  117. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,harapanahalli called hosahalli hanumappa,
  118. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,next at kellodu in hosadurga tauk,
  119. Sri Anjaneya Swamy,Shamanur,Davangare,
  120. SRI BATTERESHA,temple at Hillrock,Badami,Bagalakot Dist,
  121. Bala bheem devasthan,devar nimbargi tq-indi dist-bijapura,40kms from Bijapur,
  122. Sri Anjaneya temple,Kamyanahalli koratagree tq ,Tumkur dist,
  123. Sri Anjaneya,Kanavi Honnapur Near Hubli, Karnatak. It is on the NH4 bypass from Gabbur to Dharwad.
  124. Bommagatta Sri Anjeneya swami, Sri Hulikunteshswamy devasthana,Bommagatta, Sandur Taluk, Bellary district.
  125. Sri Anjaneya,Kappekone, near Heggodu,Shimoga
  126. Sri Anjaneya Temple in Puttenahalli,J P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore.
  127. Sri Jeevuraya Mukhyaprana devaru Temple, Baguru, Hosadurga Taluk, 
  128. Sri Anjaneya,Mavinakaihalli,Gouribidnaur Taluk, Karnataka.1km from the statehighway that goes from Chickaballapur to Gouribidnur via Manchenahalli.
  129. Anjaneya inside the Vasantha Vallabha Raya swamy devasthana at Vasanthapura, Bangalore.
  130. Anjaneya,Nelamangala, Brahmin Street ,near Bangalore.
  131. Anjaneya,Kodi Circle, Kote,Tiptur,Tumkur dist,Karnataka.Pin 572201.
  132.  Anjaneya,Santhebidanur 
  134. Anjaneya Swamy,Ramasagara village, near Hampi.
  136. Sri Sanjeeva Raya near manvi enroute chikalparvi, Raichur district karnataka.
  137. Yellgureisha Hanuman, Yellagur,Karnataka.
  138. Sri Maruti devasthan ,Sunnal,5 k.m. away from Ramadurga,Belgaum Dist,.
  139. Sri Maruti devasthan ,Kallolital,Gokak,Belgaum Dist,.
  140. Sri. Maruti devasthana,Kulgodtal. Gokak,Belgaum Dist,.
  141. Sri Maruthi,Ganjigunte near Chintamani Chikabalapur Dist,.
  142. Sri Prana devaru in sugatta village near hunse marenhalli on the outskirts of Bangalore city on the way to Bangalore international airport.
  143. Anjaneya temple in Doddankanahalli in Maddur Taluk of Mandya District. 
  144. Sri Madalagatta Anjaneya 12 km away from hoovina hadagali, Bellary dist.
  146. Kadagathuru, Madhugiri Talluk, Tumukur dist. It is a boarder village for Karnataka. It is one mile from Santebidanuru in Andhrapradesh Hindupur talluk.
  147.  Udda Anjaneya swamy temple.  near Sunnadahalli (Shimoga dt), It is around 14 kms from shimoga 


  1. Anjaneya Swamy,Chennai,Inside Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane,Chennai    
  2. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Kakkalur    Kakalur (3 Km from Tiruvallur), Tiruvallur is 45 Km from Chennai    
  3. Sri Veera Mangala Anjaneya Swamy,Nallattoor Village, Tiruttani Taluk (Khushasthala River)    Thiruvallur    
  4. Sri Anjaneya Swamy    Tiruvannamalai    Tiruvannamalai    Tiruvannamalai    
  5. Sri PraNadevaru    Tiruppur    Park Road    Tiruppur    
  6. Sri PraNadevaru    Andhilli    5kms from Thirukovilur    Tirukovilur    
  7. Sri PraNadevaru    Ambasamudram    Banks of river Tamrabharani    Tirunelveli    
  8. Sri PraNadevaru – vysaraja matha – Range gowdar street-Coimbatore- Tamilnadu:Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649.
  9. Sri PraNadevaru – Perur temple- Coimbatore- Tamilnadu:Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649
  10. Sri PraNadevaru-Idugampalayam-Coimbatore- Tamilnadu :Contact mr.sundarajan 09443049649
  11. Sri PraNadevaru-Mathur-on Tirupattur-Dharmapuri road
  12. Sri PraNadevaru-Kannadapalayam near mathur
  13. Sri PraNadevaru-Karnattam – between Ulundurpet-Vriddachalam
  14. Sri PraNadevaru-Inside Sarangapani Temple-Kumbakonam
  15. Sri PraNadevaru-Musuri,Tiruchy-Namakkal Road
  16. Sri PraNadevaru-Perundurai – Near Perundurai Bus Stand-Erode
  17. Sri PraNadevaru-Sri YogaLakshmiNarasimhar Temple-Chintalavadi-between Tiruchinapalli – Karur
  18. Kadu Sri Hanumantharaya Swami,Dharapuram
  19. Sri PraNadevaru-Kallanai- between the Erode and Salem districts
  20. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy,Tiruvadisvaran pettai, High Road post office,Triplicane,Chennai
  21. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Sri Satya Vijaya Theerthara Moola brindhavana-Satyavijaya Nagar (From Arani 10 kms),Tamilnadu
  22. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Kallakurichi-Villupuram Dist-
  23. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Guindy-Chennai-Tamilnadu 
  24. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Porur-Chennai-Tamilnadu 
  25. Sri Veera Anjaneya Swamy-Dharmaraja Koil Street-Tirupattur-Vellore Dist,Mobile : +91 98946 53566
  26. Sri Anjaneya Swamy-Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple-Thoppu Street-Kumbakonam
  27. Sapthaswara Anjayaneyar,Sri Vanamutti Perumal,Road from Mayiladuthurai to Kumbakonam,Kozhikuthi Village,Mayiladuthurai – 609 001,Tamilnadu.Ph : 04364 – 223395 / 98424 23395
  28. Sri Anjaneya Swamy, Sri Satyanatha Tirtha Moola Brindhavana, Veeracholapuram,Tamilnadu(Veeracholapuram is 15 kms away from Tirukoilure. Bus facilities are available to Veeracholapuram from Tirukoilure).
  29. Sri Vyasa Hanumantha Temple, No.50, Ratri chatram,Near Karavaika,Erode-638001,Tamilnadu
  30. Sri Hanumantha Swamy,Inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy,Entrance right hand side top,Srirangam,Tamilnadu
  31. Sri Hanumantha Swamy,Inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy,Near Chandrapushkarani Tank,Srirangam,Tamilnadu. 
  32. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami,4kms from Kelambakkam(between Kelambakkam-Vandalur road),behind TAFE company,Chennai.
  33. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami,Inside Ulagaanda perumal,Tirukoilur,Villupuram Dist,Tamilnadu
  34. Sanjeevi Rayar Temple,Ayyangarkulam,near Kanchipuram
  35. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami, ,Vyasaraja mutt,Salem,Tamilnadu
  36. KATTANJANEYA DEVARU,Krishnagiri Dist,Tamilnadu
  37. Sri Anjenaya and and Sri Varadharajaperumal Temple at Markayankottai, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu
  38. Mukyapranaswamy Temple at Genguvarpatti, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu 625203.
  39. Anjenyaswamy temple in the banks of a pond at Watrap, Virudhunagar Dist,Tamilnadu.
  40. SREE VEERA ANJANEYAR Temple At krishnagiri district,Address:SRI SITA RAMA SAMEDHA SRI VEERA ANJANEYA,Paravasu deva iyar street,old pet krishnagiri Tamil nadu
  41. Srirangam Ellaikarai Hanumar
  42. Karur Thanthondrimalai Sri Kalyana Venkatramana Swami temple – If you come as pradhikshina after seeing Lord, there in small temple
  43. Near Pondicherry, Villiyanoor near by village a Srinivasar temple is there. In that temple prakaram Hanumar with Sikha, Gante, A triangle are there which are normal symbols of Sri Vyasarajara prathiste
  44. Hanuman Temple,Thirukovalur via TV Malai route
  45. Anjaneya temple in village Binnamangala which,situated at Denkanikotta taluk,Dharmapuri The Idol Of Sri Anjaneya Swamy carved on garudagamba & known as Kambada Anjaneya
  46. Chandrika Anjaneyar of Srirangam is the one which is near Dwajasthamba, Kodi Yettra Mandapam. 
  47. Chinthalavadi 
  48. Hanumantha,Sl 16> Pranadevaru , Musiri at TamilNadu 
  49. Sri AnumandarayaSwamy Thirukoil,Idugampalayam, Thimmanur (post) Sirumugai
  50. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami of Shenbakkam Navabrindhavana,Vellore,Tamilnadu.
  51. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami, Moola brindhavana of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru,Karapoondi,Polur,Thiruvannamalai Dist.
  52. Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami[Sri Vijayaraghavar Ramar Koil], Cheyyar,Tiruvannamalai. Opp: to Bus Stand one In Gally road named Samaathyan Kulam (Actually It is Sampaathiyan Kulam, Sampathi of Ramayana Kala) 
  53. Two statues of Sri Veera Anchaneya Swami[Gopinatha Krishnan Koil ], Patteeswaram,Kumbakonam,

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