Puliyur Maha Vishnu temple, Kerala

This temple is located near Chenganoor in Kerala ( 6 kms) and is said to be built by Bheema of the 5 pandavas ( There are four other vishnu temples nearby built by the rest of them). This area was a huge forest in the past and hence it was called Puliyur ( Puli means Tiger)

Since it is said to have been built by Bheema the temple is very large. It is on top of a small hill call Kari Manikathu Mala and we have to climb a few steps to reach this temple.It is one of the sacred 108 Vaishnava temples. The idol is that of Maha Vishnu with four arms, holding conch, lotus,discuss and the fourth arm resting on his thigh. He is called as Maya Piran ( Lord of Maya or Illusion).
There are shrines for Ganapathi, Shiva and Ayappa.There is a seperate shrine for Brahma Rakshas and there is  a legend associated with it.Chathusatham is the main prasad here made from huge amount of sweetened rice, cocounuts, jaggery and Ghee.

Interestingly,there is a temple for Duryodhana , who is considered as the enemy of Bheema  at Malanada   in Kollam district. So  the people of Puliyur village never visit the village with the Duryodhana temple.

Tiruvalla Vishnu temple, Kerala

Timings:  5:30 AM to 11 AM and 5:30 PM to 8 PM
Priest : Unni Krishnan Namboodari (9947831069, 0479-246 4825)

Location: Puliyoor, Kerala, India

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