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7000 year old Nandishwara Teertha Temple, Malleswaram, Bangalore

Nandishwara Teertha Shiva temple in 17th cross street Malleswaram, popularly known as Nandhi temple of Malleswaram was accidentally discovered in 1999 when some construction work was started. When the dug the ground, then entire structure along with the Siva Linga came out. Water flows out from the mouth of a Nandhi and falls on a Shiva Linga. This water is collected in a huge pond. The source of this spring has not yet been found. Live fish and tortoises can be seen in the temple pond.One must visit this temple to experience what is being said above. The architecture of the temple is definitely something very evident.

The area is surrounded by various temples – Malleswaram Shiva Temple (from which the area derives its name), Gangamma Temple, Narasimha Temple, Shirdi Sai Temple etc.

Location: 17th Cross Road, Malleshwara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003, India

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