Ancient 64 Yogini Goddess Temple of Orissa

Hirapur is a small village located just 15 Kms from Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa. The 64 Yogini temple located here stands as a classic example of the worship of the divine mother in ancient India.

The Lalitha Sahasranama, one of the principal texts of the Shakta tradition, names the Goddess as “Maha Chathushahsti Koti Yogini Gana Sevitha”. The meaning of this is that “The divine Goddess who is served by 64 Crore Yoginis”. The Bramhanda Purana also mentions that for every 1 crore yoginis there is a chief Yogini. Wherever a Chandi Havan or Yagna is conducted special puja is conducted to these yoginis.

This temple located among lush fields, is dedicated to those 64 Yoginis with the Goddess Mahamaya or Chandi Devi in the center. This temple is open at the top and is circular in shape. The artistic beauty is spectacular. Locally, it is known as “Mahamaya Mandir”.

A must visit for anyone who is interested in Shakti Worship or even Neo-Paganism.

Location: Hirapur, Odisha, India

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