Bhaskararayar and Bhaskara Rajapuram Siva Temple, Kumbakonam

Bhaskararajapuram is located near Mayiladurai, TamilNadu. Sri Bhaskaraya’s wife Anandi had constructed this temple for Sri Anandavalli Sametha Bhaskareshwarar Shiva temple 400 years ago. There is also a mani mandapam for Sri Bhaskararaya where a Maha meru has been installed and regular pujas are going on. Navavarana pujas are conducted on Pournami (Full Moon) and other special days.
Contact Person:
Sri. N. Bhaskara Sivam
Phone: 04364 – 232400 / 97885 24776

Life history of saint Sri. Bhaskararaya

Sri Bhaskararaya was born in Bagha in Maharashtra to Sri. Gambeera Rayar and Smt. Konambika around the year 1690.After completing a portion of his vedic education, he travelled to Kashi and continued his education with Sri Narasimhananda Natha.He also learnt Shastras for Gangadhara Vajapayee in Tiruvalangadu. After completing his vedic education he took up a family life with Smt.Anandavalli who was also a Srividya Upasaki.

He took up Devi upasana from a saint Siva Datta Shukla.The king Thanjavur invited him to stay in Thanjavur and gave him land in today’s Bhaskararajapuram. He also stayed in Tiruvidaimaruthur Maha Dhana street for a long time. 

Being a great Sri Vidhya upasaka, he has written close to 40 books on various subjects like Mantra Shastra, Advaita Vedanta etc. The most outstanding work  of  his has been the commentary on Sri Lalitha Sahasranama titled “Sowbagya Bhaskaram”. He is said to have written this book in Tirkodikaval temple. There are numerous incidents from the life of this great saint to highlight his devotion, knowledge and simplicity. His other key works are Varivasya Rahasyam, Guptavati (on Durga Saptashati). His Sri Vidya Guru parampara continues till date and the puja manuals written by him are still being used in Sri Chakra worship.

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Location: Baskararajapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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