Brahmavarta Ghaat, Bithoor, Kanpur, UP

The banks of river Ganga is home to a small town situated in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh named Bithoor. This has been the center of meditation and pilgrimage for a long time. Bithoor has one of the holiest places of Hindu Mythology called the Brahmavart Ghaat.

Legend and History– According to mythology, Lord Brahma first created mankind at this place. Hence this area is known as Brahmavarta. Also, lord Rama’s sons – Luv and Kush were born in Bithoor. Somepeople also believe that this is the center of the earth.

Bithoor was ruled by Nanarao Peshwa who faught against the british. In recent history, this place is also known as the center for the soldiers mutiny in 1857.

Specialties – The devotees of Lord Brahma pray at the altar that is decorated with wooden sandals (padukas) after taking a bath in the Ganges. A shivaling (known as Brahmeshwar) is also worshiped here. The steps of the Ghaat (riverfront) has a horseshoe embedded on it. This is considered to be of Brahma’s horse (from the Ashwamedh yagya).

Brahma temple is a rare sight in the country. This place has a small temple, such that the devotees have to offer their prayers outside the temple. Only a priest can go inside.

Attractions – This is a place that sees a lot of crowd but is not overly crowded. It is a great place for picnics or even a boat ride along the Ganga river. There are shops where one can buy toys, small household trinkets and other souveniers. The ghaat has a very peaceful atomosphere and a visit here can be relaxing.

How to reach – This place is well mantained and regular public transport is available. It is about 8-10 kilometers from kanpur city.

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Location: Bithoor, Uttar Pradesh, India

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