Dakshina Mantralaya,Papparapatti (Tamil Nadu)

पूज्याय राघवेन्द्राय सत्यधर्मरताय च ।भजतां कल्पवृक्षाय नमतां कामधेनवे ॥

Most of us are aware of Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple in Mantralayam (Andhra Pradesh) and one of the important places to be visited by pilgrims. Of hundreds of temples for Raghavendra Swamy, there is one such temple in a small village of Dharmapuri district (Tamilnadu) which is known as ‘Dakshina Mantralaya’ (in Papparapatti). 

Surrounded by nice lush green fields and traditional rural ambience, temple is situated at around 15 kms from national highway (NH 7) close to Dharmapuri. Easy to commute by bus/car and plenty of buses ply via Papparapatti village (Dharmapuri to Palacode route). This is approx 110 kms from Bangalore and 90 kms from Salem.

The Brindavana here is a Mrithika and Saligrama structure. It means that the mrithika and saligramas from Mantralaya were brought here and installed in the Brindavana. Apart from brindavana, there are other mukhyaprana deities in temple premise too.

Myself hailing from a village nearby, had been to this temple number of times and every time you visit, mind would be freed of whatever problem may be. Far from polluted/noisy city environment, temple boasts of a calmness and peace around. 

Famous Hogenakkal falls is around 30 kms from here and should be a good weekend getaway while visiting this area.

Location:  Papparappatti Raghavendra Temple,Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

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Location: Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India

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