Siva Prakasha Swamigal of Tiruvaiyaru

Sri Siva Prakasha Ananda GiriSwamigal was a saint who lived in Trichy – Thanjavur region in the earlier half of the 20th century. He was born on 13-May-1898, the first day in the Tamil month of Vaikasiat Kumbakonam. 

His Guru was Sri Kewal Ram Swamigal who did intense tapas in the Himalayas. When Sri Kewal Ram Swamigal approached his Guru for mantra diksha, his Guru mentioned that it would come to him at the appropriate time. After a few years, he received a post card from his Guru containing a upadesha. Immediately on seeing the upadesha, he took up a life of renunciation.

SivaprakashaSwamigal  took up sanyasa at a very early age. His mother was so concerned and used to constantly ask him that who would perform her last rituals since her only son had taken up a monk’s life ( Traditionally, monks in India donot participate in any of their earlier family rituals). He replied that even if he had not taken Sanyasa what was the guarantee that he would be alive to perform her last rites. His words were prophetic and he dropped his mortal coil much before his mother.

A lady from a devout Vaishnava family from Srirangam was doing Pratyangara Upasana ( which was a rarity in those days). Due to the power of the Upasana, she would frequently, unconsciously step out of the house. Pratyangara is considered as a guardian deity and she is considered to be roaming the streets to protect her devotees. It was the swamigal who controlled her Upasana and ask her to do lesser count of the Japa and gave few more instructions. Soon, she was normal in all ways.

He attained Maha Samadhi on 20-Dec-1942 in the month of Margazhi on a Sunday at 6:30 PM. His Mahasamadhi was raised the next day at Tiruvaiyaru. Even today his Samadhi can be seen behind Sri Thyaraja’s Samadhi in the north-west direction. Devotees visiting Sri Thyagaraja Samadhi must make a point to offer their prayers to this great Mahan. For more details,read : https://bhagwananandagiri.blogspot.com/

Location: Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu 613204, India

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