Fire Sacrifice Ritual(Yagna) in Lithuania

Lithuanian religion has something very similar to our Yagna rituals. The religion is called Romuva. Romuva religion is polytheistic, that is, they believe in multiple deities. Ancestor worship is also a big part of this religion. In more ways than one, we can draw similarities between Romuva and Hinduism. Coincidentally, like Hinduism, the Baltic tradition is also based on folklore, traditions and mythology.

During the Romuvan fire rituals, the people participating wash their hands and sit around the fire and sing hymns. Food, drink, flowers etc are offered to the Gods. Similarly, during a Hindu Yajna ritual, a fire is lit and the participants first take a bath and only then sit for the yajna. Ghee (clarified butter) , Flowers etc are offered while chanting shlokas (religious verses). These two religions have come together numerous times for interfaith ceremonies.
Several Lithuanian words are very similar to Sanskrit. A few samples are given below. There are complete books on comparison between Sanskrit and Lithuanian.

SON:      Sanskrit sunus – Lithuanian sunus 

SHEEP:   Sanskrit avis – Lithuanian avis

SOLE:     Sanskrit padas – Lithuanian padas

MAN:     Sanskrit viras – Lithuanian vyras

SMOKE: Sanskrit dhumas – Lithuanian dumas

A Lithuanian ritual can be seen in the video below.

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