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Kigga – Temple for relief from Drought, Karnataka

Rishya Shringeshwara temple (Rishya Shringa) at Kigga which is 9 kms from Sringeri in Karnataka. As per legends, the great sage Rishya Shringa is said to have performed penance and attained Samadhi here. 

This sage was the son of Vibandaka Maharishi. Several incidents about sage Rishyasringa is mentioned in Ramanaya and Mahabharata. Once when this region was facing heavy drought, the king was adviced by several saints to bring this sage somehow into the country from the forests and once he steps in rains would start. The king did the same and the place was blessed with copious rains.

wherever the sage used to step in immediately that place used to experience good rains and there would be no drought. The temple town of Sringeri is named from Rishya Shringa. Usually, the shankaracharya’s of Sringeri Mutt offer their prayers and Pujas for rain at this temple. At times when the country or state faces drought or water shortages, devotees offer pujas here.

It must be mentioned that the agumbe forest where Kigga is located is one of the wettest places in the south and is known as Chirapunji of south. Sirimane falls is located nearby.

Temple Timings:
Morning 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Evening: 4:30 PM to 8:15 PM

The temple with the Shiva Linga worshipped by Sage Vibnandaka is now called as Malahanikarheswara and is located in old Sringeri town.

Location: Kigga, Karnataka 577139, India

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