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Lord Ganesh with Human Face at Kootanur Shiva Temple, Kumbakonam

Kootanur is famous for its Sarawathi temple built by the poet Ottakoothar. But this post is about the Shiva temple at Koothanur which existed much before the Saraswathi Temple. It is also known as Adi Vinayaka temple – The only temple in the world where Lord Ganesh is seen with a human face.

As per legends, Lord Rama is said to have visited this temple and offered puja to his ancestors. Even today, a lot of devotees visit this temple and offer pujas to their ancestors. This place was called Tilatarpanapuri in the past ( Tila + Tarpana (Oblations to ancestors) + Puri (city)).

Visitors going to the Saraswathi temple must offer a visit to this temple.

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