Manibandh Shakti Peeth Mandir- Pushkar, Rajasthan

Out of the 51 shakti peethas for the divine mother, only a few are easily accessible by us today. Some of them are in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

But one Shakti peeth, even though in the midst of a major pilgrimage center in Rajasthan remains relatively unknown. The Manibandh Shakti peeth in Pushkar (near Ajmer) is said to be the place where the wrist of the Goddess is said to have fallen. It is around 5-7 kms from the famous Pushkar Bramha temple. One can take an Auto or a taxi from the Pushkar Brahma Temple to here. Since it is out of the city, it is preferable to visit this temple in the daytime.

This temple and the city of Pushkar itself is considered as the ideal place for Gayathri Maha Mantra sadhana and purascharana. Devotees can chant the Gayathri mantra frequently while visiting Pushkar.

Other places to visit in Pushkar are

1) Brahma Temple – Obvious

2)  Pushkar Lake – It is considered very auspicious to take bath in this lake. Parikrama of the lake is also done.

3) Savithri Temple – Located on top of a hill, ideal place for Gayathri Mantra sadhana.

4)  Panch Kund Shiva Temple : 3 Kms from the city on the eastern side, it is a Shiva temple , said to be built by the Pandavas. A powerful puja is performed for Nag Dosha here.There are 5 tanks (kunds) named Naga,Surya,Ganga,Padma and Chakra. It is considered auspicious to do take bath in this Kund. There is also a havan kund where powerful havans are done by the priests on our request.

5) Papa Mochini Temple : As the name itself suggests, it is a very powerful temple for Mataji who relives all our unknown sins.

6) Rangji Temple: Vishnu Temple in south Indian style.

There are hundreds of other temples, ashrams scattered all around Pushkar. If someone wants to provide more details, you are welcome.

Priests for contact: Amit Parashar – 9928880933 / Pankaj Sharma 9829505474

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

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