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Mayilarangam Mayuranthar Shiva Temple, Lalgudi

Located in Periyaverseeli village in Lalgudi district, Mayilarangam Mayuranatha swamy Siva Temple and Mangalambika Temple had a hoary tradition but has been lost in the ravages of time.

This temple has been visited twice by the great Kanchi Shakaracharya and he mentioned the people that the upkeep of this temple would bless them with good progeny. Childless couples will be blessed with a child.The shrine of the mother is built in such a way that her full form slowly comes into focus like the kesadhi Pada varna mentioned in the scriptures.

The temple is now in a bad shape and needs the support of devotees. Yearly, A Chandi Homam is performed in a nearby temple and only during this temple sees some crowds.

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Location: Lalgudi Police Jurisdiction Limits, Tamil Nadu

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