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Rama Teertha,Lord Rama Temple, AndhraPradesh

Ramatheertha,The Renowned SreeRama Temple has approximately 1000 years of heritage and history.It can be termed as Second Bhadrachalam(a much famous and well known SreeRama Temple).Ramatheertha is located in Vizianagaram District, ,Nellimarla Mandal and RamaTheertham Village ,Andhra Pradesh with deities of SreeRama,Seetha and Lakshmana

We can see the signs of Hindu,Buddha and Jain temples at one place.

Mythology of the Ramateertham Temple:It’s been told in Puranas that Sree Rama spent time in this place  in Tretha yuga(Second Yuga of all four Yugas)at the time of his Vanavasa(Time period which he made Forest as his home, as ordered by his Father Dasaratha) and Pandavas were here too in Dvapara Yuga(Third Yuga of Four Yugas also known as Time period of Lord Krishna) When Pandavas were about to go to Aranyavasa(It’s an Episode in  Mahabharatha(sacred great epic of india)  where in a situation that need to stay in forest for some time period),They requested Sri Krishna to accompany them,Sri Krishna softly declined their request ,however created  Rama,Seetha and Lakshmana Idols with his Divine powers and asked Pandavas to offer prayers to them.He also mentioned to them that it was him who spent time in all those forests in his Rama avataram(incarnation of GOD) in Tretha Yuga.Thereby Pandavas built a Temple for those Idols and started prayers to the Idols of Seetha,Rama and Lakshmana.Later when pandavas had to go to Ajnatavasa(The time when they need to be in disguise and their existence is not to be revealed)they handed over the Temple to a scholar namely Vedagarbha. After some time when Buddist devotees started promoting their religion,Descendants of Vedagarbha hidden those Idols of Seetha,Rama and Lakshmana.One day an old woman who has speach disability went to forest on her daily chores and got stuck in huge cyclone and had to stay in forest that night. Same night she has seen an AURA in the form of Seetha,Rama and Lakshmana who also wrote holy letters on her tongue not only recover her to speak but also told her that they had been staying here for long time and advised her to  inform this to poosapati Kings about their existence.Same day poosapati dynasty king felt Seetha,Rama and Lakshmana in his dreams where he was ordered by them to follow the instructions of old woman.Based on her words,Idols were taken from water underneath the Earth,These water also said to be “Theertham” in SANSKRIT. Also Temple was built was for Sreerama. Hence this is called as Ramateertham.

Temple Highlights: From the North East Direction of this temple has group of 3 hills and a lake in southern direction. First hill is called as Bodhi hill which is 1500 feet high. It’s been told that Buddhists made this hill as their center for promoting their religion.We can still find some proofs of existence here in form of some statues,articles they used for constructing their houses etc.Second hill in Row belongs to Jainism.It’s been believed that Jains lived on this hill.There is 6 feet Durga Goddess statue in this hill’s cave. Hence this is also called as Durga hill.Third hill in row which is Nilachala hill in Northern direction.This is 1800 high in feet and 2 km wide and this is Single Rock hill.This hill has proofs seen about existence of Seetha Rama and Pandavas in their respective Yugas. This is the hill which has temple constructed by Pandavas for Seetha,Rama and Lakshmana.Also there is  a Lake called as Patala ganga(Water underneath the earth)created by Lord Sree Rama at the time of his vanavasa when Seetha felt thirsty. 

How to reach:Ramatheertham is 12 km away from Vizianagaram.There is Bus and Auto facility to this place from Vizianagaram. During the SreeRama navami,Siva Rathri and  Vaikuntha Ekadashi special Abhisekha pujas are time to visit Ramatheertham is in between July and February.

Timings:  Temple timings are from Morning 8 Am to Evening 7 Pm.

Location: Ramatheertham Road, Nellimarla, Andhra Pradesh 535217, India

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