Shiva in reclining posture – Surutappali temple

It is located on the Andhra – Tamil Nadu border and about 2 hours travel from Chennai.


1. Usually it is only Lord Vishnu who is seen in a reclining/sleeping position. But here, Lord Shiva is seen in an reclining position on the lap of Goddess Parvathi. This temple is extremely famous for Pradoksha pujas.

2. Another specialty of this temple is the Tampadya Dakshinamoorthy. Usually Lord Dakshinamoorthy is seen as an ascetic without his consort. This is the only shrine where you can see him with his consort. Here, parihara pujas are performed by couples who want to get united and overcome marital differences.

Website: Surutapalli Temple

Location: Suruttapalli, Andhra Pradesh 517588, India

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