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Sri Kurmam – Tortoise temple of Lord Vishnu, Andhra Pradesh

This ancient temple constructed in 1281 AD is located at Gara Mandal,Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh.  


1)This is the only temple in the world where Lord Maha Vishnu  appears in the form of Kurma (Tortoise).  Lord Vishnu himself manifested in ten different incarnations to protect dharma and to punish the wicked.  Among those ten incarnations, kurma incarnation is the second one. This holy temple is  referenced in various puranas (Hindu Sacred Scriptures) like padma purana, Vishnu purana, brahamdapurana, and inkurma purana. 

2)      Unlike the deities in most  temples, the deities in this temple face west 

3)      The temple has two flag masts, one on the west side and the other is on the east side of the temple   

4)      Apart from Kashmir, this temple has a special shrine for Vaishno Devi

5)  In front of the temple there is a pushkarini (sacred lake).  It is  said that Lord Vishnu dug the pushkarini with his sudarshana chakra (discuss) and it is the strongest belief of the devotees that if any one takes a sacred  bath in this pushkarini it destroy all the diseases, especially arthritis, rheumatism and body pains.In this pushkarini pithru karmas(ancestor worship) are also done


   This temple is splendid with art and architecture. There are 210 pillars in the temple mandapa and each pillar has its own identity, architecture of each pillar is different.  The main temple tower is called Padma vimana and the temple area is called swethachalam.

       Within the temple complex the devotees can also have a darshan of various temples like Kala bhairava, Venu gopala swamy,Vyasa maharshi, Sri Maha Lakshmi and Durga Devi.  


In the krutha yuga, Devas and Asuras had intended to churn the ksheera sagar for nectar using serpent Vasuki as thread and mandara parvatha as churning stick.While churning the churning stick i.e. mandhara parvatha slipped and submerged, then Lord Vishnu appeared as kurma to fulfill the wish of suras and asuras and lifted the mandhara parvatha on his back and gave his support for churning.


Dolosthava will be conducted on trayodasi in the lunar month of Phalguna in uttaraphalguna nakshatra.  Special festival will conduct on vyshaka masam on the occasion of kurma jayanthi(birthday).

Visit timings:

      6 AM to 8 PM all days.  Generally it takes 30  mins for darshan with all devotees being allowed into the sanctum sanctorum.

     The Devotees who visit this place and get darshan of Lord Kurmanatha Swamy will get health, wealth and prosperity in their life.

Location: Srikurmam, Andhra Pradesh 532404, India

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