Unique Agora Veerabhadrar Temple, Hanumanthapuram ,Chennai

The main deity in this temple is Lord Agora Veerabhadrar ( a ferocious aspect of Lord Shiva) and the Goddess is  Kaali.This temple is 12 kms from the Singaperumal Koil in GST Road. This temple attracts huge crowds on Full moon and new moon days. The Lord stands majestically 7 feet tall.


1. The temple tank is considered very auspicious and lot of people take a dip to get rid of their health problems.
2. People suffering from mental illness come here and offer their puja.
3. The temple priest provides a red thread to be worn around the hand which is considered offering the Lord’s protection.
4. Betel leaf garlands are offered to the Lord.

Location: Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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