Art of Living, Bangalore

The art of living is considered a happiness program that has stress relieving exercises like wellness, yoga, breathing and meditation. They also help in mind managements and anger control.

They also encourage “Seva” or selfless service in the community. The ideology of this course is to set the mind free and get a greater understanding of oneself.

The people at the Art of Living foundation believe that in today’s world, the mind is distracted by various material and worldly demands. In such a situation it is necessary to take time off to free yourself from these demands and gain control over the mind and body.

The course has special techniques that one has to practice everyday to receive benefits. Nowadays, art of living programs have become increasingly famous both in India as well as worldwide.

A place for peaceful meditation in Bangalore- Entry is free and food is also provided free of cost. They are also have an organic farm inside.

Location: Art Of Living Ashram Bus Stop, National Highway 209, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082, India

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