Goddess of Seven Peaks – Saptashrungi Devi, Vani Maharashtra

Location:- It is located 60 kilometers from Nashik in Nanduri, Kalwan Taluka of  Maharashtra. The temple is nestled between seven mountain peaks and hence the name SaptaShrungi. Sapta means seven and Shrungi means peak. It is located on the second highest pick of Satpuda mountain line after kalsubai

Main Diety:- This is a pilgrimage place for Shakti worshipers and is a part of the Shakti Peethams of the country. The presiding Goddess is Devi Durga or Bhagwati.

Saptashringi Goddess is known as the Goddess of Khandesh. This includes – Chalisgaon, Jalgaon, Malegaon and Dhulia . The idol of the Goddess atop a platform and can be viewed from a  distance. She has 9 pairs of arms, holding different weapons.  The idol is about 10 feet tall. The idol is always decked in a saree and traditional ornaments and its decorated with a coat of sindoor (vermillion).

The weapons include, Shankha (conch), Chakra (wheel), Trishool (trident), Agni astra (fire power), Dhanush Baan (bow and aroow), Vajra (lightening), Danda (stick),sphatikmala (crystal beads), kamandal (water pitcher), sun rays, talwar (sword), Sheersagar garland and shield, parashu (battle axe), garlands and gems from Himalayas. She is riding on her vahan which is a lion.

  • There are three and a half auspicious days for Shakti worship in the Hindu tradition. These days are Gudipadwa (New Year), Dushhera, Diwali and Akshaytritiya. Also, there are three and a half syllables in the chant of “AUM” which are A, U, M and MM. Interestingly the four half Shakti Peethams in Maharashtra – Tuljapur where Tulja Bhawani dwells, Kolhapur, the dwelling place of Ambabhavani, and Mahur where  Kulaswamini dwells and Saptashrungi correspond respectively to these syllables. Saptashringa Garh where Goddess Bhagawati dwells is called the half of this three and half Shakti Peeth. This is the place where Sati’s right arm had fallen. 
  • In front of the temple there stands Markandeya  Rishi’s hill. Markandya Rishi was being troubled by the demon Mahisasur. So the sage decided to emulate the demon in a holy fire. Devi Durga in her 18 armed incarnation emerged from the fire and killed the demon. Hence she is also known as Mahisasur Mardini (destroyer of Mahisasur)
  • Another legend states that Saptashrungi Devi is another form of the Girija river that flows from Lord Brahma’s water pitcher. Hence she is also known as Brahmaswarupini.


  • There are about 108 water tanks on the hill. These tanks are known as Kundas.
  • The Hills are full of a variety of trees having medicinal value. It is believed that Lord Hanuman carried the Sanjivani Booti (lifesaving herb) for Lakshman from this mountain.

Festivals and Prayers:– .

  • Every full moon day and during Navaratri the temple is crowded. The Goddess is offered coconuts and sarees. People believe that the Goddess fulfills their wishes. So this place is frequented by devotees throughout the year.
  • The biggest festival of Chaitrotsav is during Raam Navami. Devotees are often seen doing pradakshina (circumambulation) of the entire hill. Besides this the other festivals are Dusshera, Gudi Padwa, Gokulashtami and Kojagiri Laxmipujan.
  • Some communities offer prayers to the Goddess after a new birth in their family.
  • Another major celebration is Gondhal. It is a traditional dance performed by Gondhali communities which includes the usage of a tuntuna (a single string instrument), small drums and cymbals are also used. Gondhal is a dance form practiced during weddings, birth and other major events.

How to Reach:- Since the temple is atop a hill, the climb up to the temple is about 450 steps. For senior citizen and disabled, a palanquin service is provided at a fee. These people do not have to wait in queue for Darshan.

  • By Road:- Due to development in Tourism infrastructure, the roads are well paved and the staircases well maintained. All though one must bear in mind the zig zag curves of a hilly terrain. Maharastra Road Transportation buses are available from Nanduri. They take you to the top of the hill.There are also huge parking spaces available if you are driving your own vehicle.
  • By Air – Nearest airport is Nashik. It can also be accessed from Mumbai and Pune airports
  • By Train:- Nashik is well connected by railway lines from any major city in India

Address: Saptashurngi, Maharashtra 422215, India

Phone number:-(02592)-253351

Nearby Places to visit:-

  • Panchvati
  • Shirdi (Nashik)
  • Siddheshwar Temple

Location: Vani, Maharashtra 422215, India

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