Meenakshi Temple – Houston, Texas

Goddess Meenakshi has established her presence in Houston, Texas as well. The temple has been of the earliest to propagate the Sakti worship outside India.Meenakshi means the goddess with “fish like eyes”. But this has a much deeper spiritual significance.It is said the fishes hatch just by a glance of the Mother fish. The divine mother is so concerned about her children and just her glance is enough to make our lives prosper. She is known as Raja Mathangi in the Shakta tradition where she is considered as the Goddess of Knowledge, Music and Speech.

The main deity Goddess Meenakshi is a four fee tall granite murthi. The other main shrine is that of Lord Sundareshwara ( Shiva in his beautiful aspect). There are shrines for all major Hindu deities. There is a 6 feet tall Murthi of Lord Srinivasa donated by TTD.

The temple work was started in October 1977.  Padma Sri Ganapathi Stapathi , a very senior temple architect was brought from India to construct the temple as per Agamas ( Divine rules for temple construction). Maha kumbhabhishekam was performed in 1982. The rajagopuram was later constructed and it is one of the very temples in US to have a prahara for procession of deities.A second ashta bandhana kumbhabhishekam had been performed in 1994, and the third one in 2006. 

The temple strictly follows all Agamic principles of temple worship. “Meenakshi Tirukalyanam” is one of the major festivals.”Kavacham Day” is the main annual event in the temple and the deities are taken on a grand procession. There is a silver chariot for all the processions.

Now the temple has a Kalyana Mandapam, Youth Center, Priest Quarters, Peacock Shelter and various other facitilies on a 30 acre land. The temple conducts Heritage classes for the younger generations, music concerts, health camps etc.

Location: 17130 McLean Road, Pearland, TX 77584, USA

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