Santa Durga Temple, Goa

 Sri Shanta Durga temple is located 33 kms from Panaji, the capital of the famous tourist destination Goa. The deity is called as Santeri locally – The Goddess who came to mediate between Vishnu and Shiva. The deity of Santa Durga is shown as holding two serpents, one in each hand, representing Vishnu and Shiva.She is the family deity of many Konkani Saraswats, Karhade Brahmins and Bhandaris.

Temple Complex at Kavalem

            The original temple at Cavellossim (Quelshim) in Selectee was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1564. The Devi was shifted to Kavalem and worship continued there. The present temple was constructed during the reign of Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shahu Maharaja of Satara. The temple complex is on the slope of the foothills of a mountain chain, surrounded by lush vegetation. There are a main temple and three smaller temples of other deities which have been built on three sides of the main temple. The temple consists of a collection of pyramidal roofs with an interesting dome. The pillars and floors are made of Kashmir stone. The temple has a huge tank, a deep a sthambha and (guest house).

Architectural Styles

It is a fusion of Indo-Portuguese architecture. Its Pyramid shape sikaras rise on the roofs of the Façade. The Sabha mandap (main hall) , its Roman-arched windows, some of which have tainted-glass window panes of deep red, yellow, blue and green its chandeliers, gate posts, balustrade flat dome and the maroon-peach-white color paint of the temple given the temple a serene, beautiful look.Another big attraction is its golden palanquin (palki) on which the deity is carried on festive occasions.

As a temple for Goddess Durga, Chandi Parayan and Chandi Havan are performed regularly. This temple is a must visit for pilgrims going to Goa.

Location: Queula, Goa 403401, India

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