Shukartal, Uttarakhand – Where Bhagavata Purana was written

Sukartal or Shukartal – It around 80 Kms from Haridwar. It is considered as the place where the sage Suka Deva explained the Bhagavata to Raja Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna of Mahabharata.

Shukratal is the place where Suka Deva spoke the sacred Srimad-Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) to Maharaja Pariksit 5000 years ago. It is located about half way between Delhi and Haridwar, and is four to five hour drive with about 86 kilometers to Haridwar. The little town sits on the banks of the holy Ganga River, where it has cut a swathe through the rocky region. Pilgrims come to visit this holy town is still gaining recognition though it plays a serious role in our tradition of the Bhagavatam.

Shukratal is first the Bhagavata Peeth Shukdev Ashram which was built around the 5100 year old. Akshay Vriksha is the tree which sits on top of the hill where 80,000 sages of all ranks gathered to here Shukadeva speak about Bhagavatam to Maharaja Pariksit 5000 years ago. It was under the branches of this tree where Shukadeva and King Pariksit sat and is quite large, towering up to 150 feet, with branches spreading in all directions. As the branches protrude out from the sides of the hill we can see One branch has a nub coming out of it in the shape that is similar to Lord Ganesh.

The ashrama includes a number of shrines and deities within its complex, including one close to the tree that has the images of Shukadeva sitting and speaking to King Pariksit. Others include those for Hanuman, Shiva, Devi, Rama, along with a yajnashala, a Sanskrit Vidyalaya, a reading room, and a dispensary.

Many pilgrims come here from all over India to participate and have stay at night in the ashrama.The tree is also the Samadhi tomb of Swami Kalyandevji Maharaja, who established the Shukdev Ashrama and worked to bring back the significance of Shukratal and helped bring the sacred Akshay Vriksha tree back to good health who entered Mahasamadhi on July 14, 2004, having been born in Kotana village in Uttar Pradesh in 1876. The Bhagavata Peeth Shukdev Ashrama is now under the guidance of Swami Omanand Brahmachari.

One can also view from the top of the hill near the tree the town and the other temples that are here. Going down the hill along the street one can easily find the Hanuman temple, which has the world’s tallest statue of Hanuman of 75 feet high standing outdoors over the main shrine which was built in 1687. This is presently managed by Swami Naistika Brahmachari Sri Keshwananda Ji Maharaja. To the right of this temple are shrines for Lord Rama, and another of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, plus two more for Shiva and Durga.

Location: Shukratal, Uttar Pradesh 251316, India

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