Thrichittatt Maha Vishnu temple – Chengannur

Thrichittatt Maha Vishnu temple is located 2 km away from Chengannur. It is believed to have been built by Yudhishtra,the eldest of the Pandavas. It is one of the pancha pandava temple circuits.It is an very ancient temple going by the fact that it is mentioned by Nammalvar, a Vaishnav saint who lived in 3102 BC. He has sung songs on the deity of the temple and the place.

The Lord faces east and the holy tank is known Shanku Teertam ( or tank of the conch). Unlike other Vishnu temples, the Lord holds the conch in his right hand instead of the discuss. There are also shrines for Sastha and Lord Krishna.

Location: Chengannur, Kerala, India

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